HUNDEN reportedly signed Astralis contract while still with Heroic

Controversial CS:GO player Nicolai "HUNDEN" Petersen reportedly signed a contract with Astralis as early as April 2, 2021 - despite being on contract with Heroic until May 2022.

HUNDEN reportedly signed Astralis contract while still with Heroic

That's according to British journalist Richard Lewis, who has published the first of what he calls the "HUNDEN Files" - a planned series of articles that will reveal the private communications between HUNDEN and Astralis while he was on contract with Heroic.

According to Lewis, HUNDEN was contracted to work for Heroic from May 2020 until May 2022. However, instead of waiting for his contract to expire before joining Astralis, he engaged in private communications and signed a contract to join the Finnish organisation on April 2, 2021. Additionally, Astralis management were reportedly aware of HUNDEN's contractual term with Heroic, and yet continued to send him contracts and looked to "facilitate him leaving Heroic as soon as possible."

Heroic were reportedly made aware of the situation at the end of April, after an "Astralis insider" informed the organisation that HUNDEN was in talks with Astralis. As Lewis states, it is not clear who the Astralis insider was, or who at Heroic received the information.

According to Lewis, the documents show that HUNDEN believed that he was an Astralis employee and took on several tasks to benefit the organisation, despite still being contracted with Heroic.

Most notably, this all took place prior to the July 2021 IEM Cologne, during which HUNDEN allegedly shared confidential information regarding Heroic's strategy with "a key individual at a major competitor prior to the tournament" - which later turned out to be Astralis. Heroic would eventually face off against Astralis during that tournament, in a crucial match that saw them lose with a score of 2-0.

HUNDEN was later issued with a 2-year ESIC ban following an investigation, but this ban was ended prematurely in December last year.

Lewis claims that it is reasonable to conclude that "Petersen was looking to prove his allegiance to his future employers and to provide his future team with a greater degree of success at the expense of the team he currently worked for." Lewis also adds that HUNDEN was trying to have his contract with Heroic voided at the time, with Astralis referring him to legal representation in order to help him in this effort.

More details are expected to be released in further editions of the "HUNDEN files."

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