How Wordle is doing after it was sold to The New York Times?

Wordle, the first game that made a worldwide impact in 2022, was sold to the world-famous newspaper The New York Times. So, what has changed so far in the still popular game?

Wordle, the word game that reached millions of players in a short span of time, is a game that has found a way to entertain the players without making them addicted. After being sold to the New York Times, the game received several updates.

What kind of game is Wordle?

Developed by software engineer Josh Wardle, Wordle offers only one secret five-word letter per day. Players enter their predictions into a table. If one of the letters matches the letters in that day's word, that letter or letters become yellow. If the position of the letter also fits perfectly, the letter or letters become green instead of yellow. The goal is to find the word of the day with the least guesses. In order to find the word of the day, users have only six guesses. Being able to share how you found the words with your friends is another factor that makes the game fun.

What changed after the New York Times’ purchase?

Shortly after the New York Times purchased Wordle, players noticed that the words they found were different from the words their friends found. This was quite contrary to the main logic of the game.

One of these words was "stove" and the other was "harry”. The incident became clear with a statement from the New York Times afterwards. One of the words removed by the New York Times, as they wanted to remove some obscure words from the game, was "Harry". When people playing daily left Wordle's web page open on their devices, they did not receive this update and therefore did not encounter the same word with new entrants. As a result, it was enough for the players to refresh the page to solve the problem. With this problem also clarified, the game is now on its way with its old attractiveness.

Wordle's sale is welcomed by some, but not by others.

Some fans were shocked to hear that Wordle was sold. Some others say that the developer of the game deserved it. Among the stunned fans, there are those who fear that the game will not continue with a free to play service system. It is a matter of curiosity whether the game, which has more than two million players, will continue on its way with a free to play service system.

Wardle, the game's developer, said that he began the development process of Wordle after he and his partner played and liked The Times' crosswords and Spelling Bee during the pandemic. For this reason, he also has the following comment:

“New York Times Games play a big part in its origins, and so this step feels very natural to me.”

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