How to watch a CS:GO match

If you somehow come across this article, you are probably someone who likes to watch esports. Since you can see that it says CS:GO in the title, you are here to learn what to watch out for while watching a CS:GO match.

There are many factors that can get you excited while watching a CS:GO match, which you should pay attention to. Today we will look at some of them with you.

What should you pay attention to when watching a CS:GO tournament?

Let's say the weekend has come, you have prepared your snacks, tea or coffee and there is a CS:GO tournament on your screen. You have stretched your feet and you are watching the game comfortably. You changed your mind, you put your feet on the ground, you want to watch the game more carefully. What should you pay attention to?

First of all, do not finish your snacks right away. You probably know, but most CS:GO matches are best of three aka Bo3. In such tournaments, one side has to be superior on two different maps to win.

What is a clutch?

Let’s talk about the clutches. Let's say there are four players alive on one side and one player on the other. Think twice before taking your eyes off the screen and reaching for your drink. For example, look at what is written in the chat. Are thousands of people typing "clutch or kick"? It is called clutch when a single player against more than one opponent kills their opponents and wins the round. So you know, it's a moment of hype. If what's written is similar to this, the only surviving player may be s1mple.

Speaking of clutch, we should definitely mention aces too. If a player kills all the players of the opposing team by himself, it is called an ace. If you see a pumped-up player, you're likely to see an ace as well. When you see one kill, two kills, three kills, you suddenly realize that he killed all the players in the opposing team. Therefore, when a player gets more than one kill, it is important to keep your eyes on the screen. Watch one of the greatest aces of all time below. Even the tone of that commentator's voice explains everything you would have felt at that moment. You would definitely feel "Happy".

Eco: Savior of the losing economy

Just when you thought that the team you support is doing well, suddenly they start losing rounds in a row? That's exactly what the term eco exists for. The team that falls behind its opponent economically, deliberately makes eco rounds and saves money.

They want to improve their economy and become stronger against their rivals. So don't get discouraged when your favourite team loses a few rounds and look at the money they have. If they save the money and lose the round after buying AWPs and rifles, then the problem might be serious.

Pistol Rounds are very important

Let's come to another thing, the pistol round. If you say “the first rounds don't really matter, I'll catch up after the match starts”, you're wrong. The team that wins the pistol round starts the match with a direct advantage. They maintain this advantage for at least a few rounds until the opposing team recovers its economy.

Finally, let's talk about the term comeback in this article. While you have lost your trust in the team you support, great moments can await you. A comeback is when a team comes from behind and wins the match. It's such a hype-filled moment that if you've experienced it, you already know. That's why our last advice to you is not to lose hope and stop watching early.

We have come to the end of the article where we talked about what to watch out for while watching a CS:GO tournament. CS:GO is one of the first games that comes to mind when esports is mentioned and is one of the most enjoyable to watch. You can watch CS:GO matches on Luckbox and place bets on your favourite teams.