How to choose the best smartphone for mobile esports

You have got your phone out, you are eager to play games with pleasure. There are scores and matches to be won, but you have the feeling that something is wrong, because it is not as much fun for you as it is for your friend.

You tell yourself that's it, and head out to buy a new phone that will make you enjoy games more. You enter the shop and are greeted by hundreds of models from dozens of brands. They are all so similar that it is really hard to choose.

It's normal to be confused, but do not worry. If you take into account the following recommendations, you can find a device that will suit both your taste and your budget and give you real pleasure while playing. So, let's get started.

1. Display

Since you will be constantly looking at the screen while gaming, the screen is actually the most important part of all. In general, a large, high-resolution screen will increase your enjoyment of mobile gaming at the expense of slightly lower portability. When evaluating the device's screen, do not discount criteria such as the vibrancy of the colors, the viewing angle of the screen, and the reflection of the ambient light.

2. Screen Refresh Rate

As with desktop monitors, mobile device screens have now reached impressive levels of refresh rate. Nowadays, 120Hz and higher refresh rates are possible on mid-range and high-end mobile devices. Even though this feature drains the battery a bit quickly, the high refresh rate increases the gaming fun and even improves your reaction speed.

3. Touch Sampling

Since mobile devices are controlled by touch, accurately detecting the number of times you touch the screen per second is just as important as the refresh rate. Sophisticated models achieve 240 samples per second or more. This way, you do not have to hide behind excuses, such as not hitting the trigger while showing your performance, or seeing the enemy but not hitting them.

4. Performance

To benefit from features like high resolution and high refresh rate, the device also needs processing power that can take advantage of them. What good is a 120Hz display if you cannot draw the frames you are playing on the screen at more than 60 frames per second? So if you are looking for a phone for gaming, we recommend you look in the mid-range and high-end. Some brands also make gaming-oriented models in the mid-range. With these, you'll find various features like ambient noise and game specific vibrations.

Image: Apple

5. Battery Capacity

If you do not want the game you are playing to be interrupted, this is the important criteria to look out for. High-resolution screens, high touch sampling, high image performance have to come from somewhere. Fortunately, most devices today have a high battery capacity of 5000 milliamps. And even if the battery is completely discharged, they can be recharged in under 1 hour with the fast charging technology. It is also useful to take this into consideration.

6. Sound

The game is not a game without sound. Therefore, it is important that your phone has a good sound system, even stereo if possible. But we know that most of the time you will be wearing headphones so as not to disturb your fellow players. Therefore, make sure that the phone you want to buy supports the latest Bluetooth connection technologies and, if possible, adapts technologies for a lag-free audio connection to its hardware. This way you will not be lying on the screen wondering where that sound has come from.

Bonus: Mobile Carrier

It may not have much to do with the phone's hardware, but if you do not want frequent disconnects, especially with competitive mobile games, you should choose a mobile carrier with fast service and great network coverage. Also, some carriers offer packages where the data you spend on games and entertainment is not deducted from your total quota.

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