How metaverse will affect esports?

With each new day, technology and the internet are getting more involved in our lives, and new definitions and inventions prove how the human mind can go further than its capacity.

In today's topic, we will talk about the metaverse, which offers us the ability to create a virtual universe and live a life inside of it, where something that human beings can only encounter in movie scenarios turns into reality.

What is metaverse?

The Metaverse is a hypothetical iteration of the Internet, supporting persistent online 3D virtual environments through virtual and augmented reality devices as well as traditional personal computers. Metaverse enables human cognition to be incorporated into an artificial physical environment thanks to computers, android devices and 3D devices.

Credit: Epic Games

Metaverse offers a new world of reality, meaning and cooperation opportunities from a communication perspective; which provides infrastructure and interaction opportunities for cultural, intellectual and economic production.  possible to define it as a cyber social plane in which different advanced technologies are used simultaneously and integrally.

Today, one of the most important metaverse investors in the world is Facebook, which bought Oculus, which works on virtual reality devices, for $2 billion. As a matter of fact, Facebook has signed cooperation agreements with important software companies such as Microsoft in this field.

Esports and Metaverse:

Esports carries some significant examples for metaverse that are involved in the business. With the term metaverse in these examples, we are also talking about a virtual universe where you have a virtual personality that differs from your own.

Also, Geoff Kowalski, the owner of ESTV has mentioned these words about esports and metaverse:

“The size, growth, and shared yet nuanced interests within esports makes this increasingly powerful community the frontline champions of innovative technology that enhance engagement. With brands losing access to younger consumers due to the ongoing trend of 'cord-cutting' there is a large budgetary appetite to acquire the next generation of young professionals and the heads of households. This advertising and media spend serves as a continuous infusion of capital into the esports industry, fueling the engaging solutions that deepen consumer, gaming, and brands relations. For gamers, who already concentrate within shared spaces, playing nicely, the transition should be seamless for these fans and participants, as long as they perceive to gain greater value.”

With his words, it is obvious to see a big hope and future for metaverse in esports business and organizations in the following years.

Examples of metaverse in esports industry:

Na’Vi, the Ukrainian esports organization made a partnership with DMarket and they have made up a gaming metaverse called NAVINATION. This allows users to create digital items with the possibility of buying and selling.

Our other example is the concerts that we have seen inside of game platforms last years.

Travis Scott concert which happened in 2020 got 12 million viewers in Fortnite. Other than that, Epic Games also made another concert with the famous band Marshmello, reaching millions of people, again.

Roblox, an online gaming platform, made a virtual concert with American singer Lil Nas X in 2020, and got 33 million attendees inside of the Roblox game.


For the metaverse, Roblox is of great importance since it allows people to create their own game and which also creates some kind of metaverse inside of Roblox. This open source game platform system allows 150 million+ to create their own game and the game also has its own system that has a marketplace inside of it.

Credit: Roblox

One of the most popular Italian fashion brands Gucci, made a promotion of their own products inside of Roblox, where it is allowed for players to buy and feature their own avatars. In the place called Gucci Garden, there were products which were free and can be up to $10 that players can buy.

Long story short, the metaverse continues to present our real world with a virtual world day by day, and it provides a great opportunity for people to switch from their character to another personality. This is also a great advantage for the esports market, because it is an electronic sport in itself and is at least as old as the internet.

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