Hours left before the third week of DPC SA begins

The first two weeks of DPC SA are over with beastcoast gaining attention with their success. The third week starts on March 31.

What happened during the second week and the schedule and betting odds of the third week is in our article.

DPC South America Week 2 results

  • Infamous 0 - 2 Hokori

While Infamous was expected to win the match and to be successful in at least one game, they failed to perform well in both games against Hokori.

  • Lava 0 - 2 Thunder Awaken

Thunder Awaken was victorious over Lava as expected. They are currently one of the most successful teams of the tournament.

  • Balrogs 0 - 2 APU King of Kings

As a result of the match between the two teams that could not win any matches, APU King of Kings achieved their first victory. The Balrogs, on the other hand, need to recover as soon as possible.

  • Hokori 1 -2 beastcoast

Beastcoast is progressing very well as predicted. It remains to be seen who will win the spectacular race against their biggest rivals in DPC SA, Thunder Awaken.

  • Infamous 0 - 2 Lava

This was the match that was expected to be the most competitive game of the week. Performance of Infamous started to deteriorate with Week 2. Lava continues to rival beastcoast and Thunder Awaken.

DPC South America Week 3 matches

On one hand, we see one of the teams that have not won so far, and on the other hand, the undefeated Thunder Awaken; the winner of the match is almost certain.

APU King of Kings achieved their first win in the second week of DPC SA. They are expected to win against Infinity in Week 3 as well.

Lava is doing pretty well so far, but they are up against beastcoast, also known as one of the best teams in DPC SA. The encounter, with the likely winner being beastcoast, is definitely worth watching.

The meeting of the two teams, who have not gotten what they wanted until now, is one of the remarkable matches of the week. While the favourite is Infamous, the Balrogs might get their first win.

Another exciting match of the week will be between Hokori and APU King of Kings. APU King of Kings seems to be one step ahead.

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