Heroic are the champions of the BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2022

After a week of world-class CS:GO action, the BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2022 are now over - with Heroic being crowned the winner of this year’s tournament.

With the BLAST Premier Fall Finals now behind us, all eyes are on the upcoming World Finals, starting on December 14. You’re sure to not want to miss 2022’s last CS:GO tournament, and you can follow it all right here on Luckbox. Be sure to sign up now to claim your 100% bonus!

FaZe Clan vs Heroic: BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2022 results

Heroic’s win came through a close-fought match against rivals FaZe Clan, who had dominated much of the tournament until finally falling short in the face of the Norwegian team.

The face-off was something of a rematch for Heroic, having previously lost against FaZe Clan in a 2-0 domination back in the group stage. Clearly that defeat pushed Heroic to bring out all the stops, ultimately defeating FaZe Clan and getting their hands on the BLAST Premier trophy through a 2-1 victory.

FaZe really made them work for that win, however. The final kicked off with Heroic beating FaZe in a close-fought 16-11 win on Overpass, with the score after the first half being an incredibly tight 8-7 advantage for Heroic. The Norwegian team was able to pull ahead in the second half however, taking the map in a 8-4 win.

The second map, Inferno, also started out well for Heroic - taking the first half with another 8-7 lead. FaZe Clan were able to turn things around this time though, with Robin "ropz" Kool and Håvard "rain" Nygaard helping to carry the team to a 16-12 win.

But Heroic were able to decide both the match and the tournament, on the final map, Mirage. It was incredibly close throughout, however. While Heroic dominated the first half in a 11-4 win, FaZe pushed hard in the second half- taking the first five rounds to bring the score up to 11-9.

Things got even tighter from there on. While Heroic took the 21st round, FaZe Clan fought back to make the score an even 12-12. With neither side backing down, they each took two rounds each, bringing things to 14-14.

Heroic took the next round thanks to their newest member, Jakob "Jabbi" Nygaard, putting Heroic on match point. FaZe refused to give up however, taking the next round and forcing the game into overtime.

Heroic started off strong in overtime, winning the first half 2-1, and faced off FaZe Clan in a chaotic final round to come out on top and win this year’s BLAST Premier Fall Finals.

As this year’s Fall champions, Heroic has been rewarded their $200,000 share of the $425,000 prize pool and 4,000 BLAST Premier points. And while the winner of the BLAST Premier Fall Finals will qualify for December’s World Finals, Heroic have already qualified for the next CS:GO tournament. Therefore, the remaining two spots on the eight team World Final roster will go to the top two unqualified teams on the BLAST leaderboard.

And we don’t have too long to wait now before the BLAST Premier World Finals, which will be taking place in Abu Dhabi from December 14 to December 18. Both FaZe Clan and Heroic are qualified for this year’s World Final, so there’s every chance we’ll see yet another incredible rematch between the two world-class teams.

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