GTA 6 is coming: More news is on the way

It’s time to rejoice for GTA fans as the long wait is coming to an end. Rockstar Games finally announced that they are working on a new entry for the GTA series. After GTA V’s release in 2013, they have been working on GTA Online and other franchises. As of today, we officially know that GTA VI is coming!

A recent community announcement made by the Rockstar Games spokesperson at a press release blog approved that the eminent video game publisher is working on a new game for their ground-breaking video game franchise. While there is no official date for the release of GTA VI, there are some guesses.

Rockstar’s stance on GTA VI

Let's check out this fan-made trailer first:

For some time now, we were aware of Rockstar working on a new game for the GTA franchise. However, there weren’t any official announcements, and thus, we could only guess or find the rumors from numerous sources. With this new announcement, GTA VI is official. Rockstar said that the next entry is well underway and didn’t give any dates, but they will provide more information as soon as they are ready.

Rockstar Games is a company that likes their privacy, however, one of the most well-known franchises in the history of video games definitely creates rumors. After GTA V’s success, many were waiting for a new game developed with the latest technology, which has really improved since 2013. As always, we are expecting another groundbreaking game from Rockstar, so you can’t blame them for taking their time.

As mentioned before, Rockstar didn’t give any dates, but some analysts believe that we could get GTA VI on our hands in 2024. However, if Rockstar Games decides to take their time even more or encounter some problems like how Cyberpunk did, this date could be pushed as further as 2026. Nonetheless, the game is not close, but it is there!

What has Rockstar been doing?

Image via Rockstar Games

While looking after Grand Theft Auto: Online, Rockstar Games has published many video games since GTA V’s release in 2013. Bully became available in mobile phones, a VR version for L.A. Noire was released, another sensational label, Red Dead Redemption 2 was released in 2018 with a similar online feature to GTA’s called Red Dead Online. Most recently, Rockstar released GTA: The Trilogy, that met with public backlash.

About The Trilogy, the professional reviewers were split, getting mixed reviews for the game. However, the players were definitely unhappy with the outcome. Most of the bad reviews were due to the bugs and glitches inside the game, which is very unlike Rockstar Games’ general approach. Although bugs and glitches in RG labels are famous, they are mostly harmless bugs that could be called innocent, fun even.

However, The Trilogy still performed very well in terms of sales and exceeded expectations, even though it “underperformed” according to the analysts. Which shows how strong the Rockstar  brand still is, and how influential they are at the video game market.

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