GSL Super Tournament 3 finals: Rogue defeats Maru once again

2021 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 3 is over, and Rogue won the final between the two favourites of the event. After a seven game long nail-biter, Rogue took the $8,000 prize money home. In addition to that, he took his revenge against Maru, who defeated him in DH SC2 Masters 2021 Winter.

If you go back to DH SC2 Masters 2021 Winter, that final itself was a rematch too. Rogue and Maru have developed an iconic rivalry in 2021, clashing against each other in different tournaments and finals. Although Maru was the favourite this time, Rogue was the number two following him just a breath away. By defeating Maru, Rogue took the rivalry on another level. It would be nice to see them both at IEM Katowice.

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Story of the tournament

2021 AfrecaTV GSL Super Tournament 3 started with the classic Round of 16. Through the single elimination bracket, strong contestants like Trap and Dark faced early eliminations. However, Rogue and Maru kept on thriving. (If you want detailed information about the stages before semifinals, have a look at our earlier article here.)

In the semifinals, Rogue faced Cure, one of the most threatening players in the event. However, that could be said for Cure too. While Rogue was the favourite of this match-up, he exceeded the expectations by defeating his opponent 3-0 without giving him a chance to get back on his feet.

The second match of the day was Maru against Solar. Maru was the favourite of the tournament and Solar’s good luck in matching with the same level players since the beginning was running out, so his first real challenge was one that looked almost impossible. Maru did what was expected of him by defeating Solar, but Solar has been able to take one map from a tournament favourite performing on his best form. I consider that a win for Solar.

Then, the grand final started at AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 3. And just like the rest of the tournament, it started close. Rogue took Berlingrad, Maru took Blackburn. Rogue won 2000 Atmospheres, Maru won Curious Minds. At 2-2, Maru broke the pattern by winning Hardwire, getting to match point.

Rogue then managed to come back from a deficit, winning Glittering Ashes and Pride of Altaris consecutively. He reached the $8,000 prize money, 255 ESL Pro Tour Korea points and of course, the bragging rights of defeating Maru in a final for the second time in 2021. Both of these players have already secured a spot at IEM Katowice, and by playing finals over and over again, they are showing their willingness and passion for the greatest event.

Prize pool of GSL ST 3

Below, you can find the prize list of 2021 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 3. This was the last Super Tournament in 2021. We are also nearing the end of ESL Pro Tour 2021/22, as this was the last Super Tournament and very few events left before IEM Katowice 2021, the World Championship of StarCraft II.



























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