GSL 3 semifinalists ready for the finals

2021 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 3 is coming to an end in a few days. We are at the semifinals stage of the single elimination tournament and some of the favourites are already gone, Maru aside.

What has changed since our last article about the tournament? Let’s find out.

If you want to find out more about GSL Super Tournament 3’s format or schedule, you can visit our first article about the subject. Only four players remain in the tournament, and we will focus on them for the rest of the event.

The semifinal matchups

On the first matchup of the day, Cure and Rogue will face each other in a Bo5 for the finals ticket. To be included in this tournament, Cure won one of the most respected tournaments in StarCraft II arena, 2021 Global StarCraft II League Season 3: Code S,. However, it was Cure’s top performance in 2021 and he was mostly underperforming. He will try to change that by defeating Rogue.

On the other side, Rogue couldn’t win anything significant since 2021 Global StarCraft II League Season 1: Code S but he managed to stay on top and secure top 3-4 finishes. At GSL Super Tournament 3, it wasn’t easy for both of these players to come to the semifinals.

On his way, Rogue defeated KeeN, an insignificant opponent for him, and Dark, one of the favourites of the tournament. Cure also defeated another tournament favourite, Trap, after eliminating ByuN. Rogue looked like he was better than Cure and it still is the case. Cure has to pull an upset if he wants to proceed to the finals.

The second matchup of the day will feature Maru doing what he does best. He has won three tournaments in the last two years and has top four finishes in other  ones. We remember him from winning the DH SC2 Masters 2021 Winter: Season Finals recently. He defeated Classic and HerO here, opponents that can’t match his level.

In the semifinals, Maru’s enemy is Solar, who was considered to be on the same level with Classic and HerO before the tournament. Solar came to the semifinals unexpectedly, however, luck helped him a lot during his journey. While being one of the weaker participants, Solar played against opponents close to his level like Dream and Zoun. However, mostly the dream is over: he has to play against the best now. If he defeats Maru, he will create a great story. If he gets stomped, he’ll be history.

What do we hope to see from him? Fight against Maru, make him bleed. You don’t have to defeat him; just hurt him and it just turns into an unforgettable performance. Solar has a very long history in StarCraft II but he was far from achieving things for years until now. It is always nice to see players like him do great in these events.

Schedule and odds

Both semifinals and the grand final will be played on December 2. You can find the matchups below:

Cure (2.16) vs Rogue (1.60) - December 2, 9.00 CET

Solar (3.70) vs Maru (1.22) - December 2, 10.30 CET

Grand Final - December 2, 12.00 CET

You can click on the links or find the games at Luckbox’s StarCraft II matches page to find the odds, schedule and bet on your favourites.