Groups are done: VCT 2022: EMEA Challengers Promotion schedule

On April 3, the group stages of VCT 2022: EMEA Challengers Promotion finished. Four teams in total advanced to the Promotion stage and two more teams will be waiting for Round of 6 results.

Only two teams of the VCT 2022: EMEA will qualify to Challengers 2 stage. Three teams have already been eliminated from the tournament and now it’s time to analyse further steps of the tournament.

Group A

Checking the standings, here is how Group A look like:

Standing Team Score
1. Rebels Gaming 2-0
2. Surreal Esports 2-1
3. Excel Esports 1-2
4. Sector One 0-2


Rebels Gaming successfully won the two matches it played. Beating Sector One in the opening match by 2-0 score, they have matched with Surreal Esports in Winner’s Match on April 2. Once again, Rebel Gaming became the winner and attended the Round of 6.

Second team that advanced to the Round of 6 is Surreal Esports. In their opening match against Excel Esports, we saw a very stormy match. Surreal won the Ascent by 14-12 in overtime. Second match was a 13-11 win by Surreal and they won the first match. The two teams came together at Decider Match too and Surreal won, once again.

Since Sector One and Excel Esports did not have enough wins to go further in VCT 2022: EMEA Challengers Promotion, they were eliminated from the tournament.

Group B

Three teams were in Group B. Four matches in total gave us a standing like this:

Standing Team Score
1. FOKUS 2-0
2. Anonymo Esports 2-1
3. Team Falcons 0-3


We see the name of FOKUS on the top of Group B. They were the winners of the first group match against Anonymo Esports by 2-1. The match was in Best of 3 and it was a 2-1 win for FOKUS.

Then, the rival of FOKUS was Team Falcons in the second match. Without any pressure, FOKUS had a very clean win in two rounds by winning 13-3 and 13-2. These two wins were enough for FOKUS to advance to Round of 6.

Since Team Falcons lost once against Anonymo in their second match. The match was so exciting and in the middle. Two rounds went to overtime but Anonymo did not leave the rope from their hand and won both rounds. With that win, we will see them in Round of 6.


Now, we will have two matches in Round of 6 in the Promotion stage. Matches will be like this on April 5:

Rebels Gaming vs Anonymo Esports: 15:00 CET

FOKUS vs Surreal Esports: 17:00 CET

First match we see in Round of 6 will be between Rebels and Anonymo. Not for EMEA but in general, Rebels are a high potential team for global tournaments of VALORANT. We already saw it in their group matches and also in VRL 2022 Spain: Rising Stage 1, which Rebels won. They are one step closer to going for the Upper Bracket Semifinals to play against BIG.

Secondly, FOKUS and Surreal Esports will face off against each other. It is hard to determine the exact winner for this competition so all we can say is that so many players will sweat during this match. Winner will be matched against SupperMassive Blaze in the Upper Bracket Semifinals.

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