Green Wall is back: VCT 2022: Masters - Reykjavík Grand Final finished

If you are part of North America, you can rest perfectly, esports lovers. Because OpTic Gaming is the winner of the VCT 2022 Masters - Reykjavík against the Brazilian team LOUD. This success means a lot not only for them, but also for the region.

If you look at their games at the Masters, they only suffered two defeats in the 8 games they played. The loss to LOUD in the Upper Bracket final was avenged while it was still warm.

Analysis of the grand final

The grand final on April 24 between LOUD and OpTic was played as a Bo5. In this difficult stage, Green Walls won all three rounds, including two extra rounds.

Round 1 ( Ascent: 13-9 OpTic)

Since LOUD was the first participant of the Grand Final by winning the Upper Bracket, they could choose the map. On the Ascent map, LOUD suffered a 10-2 loss to OpTic as they defended. Although they added 7 more wins to their score, OpTic took 3 more wins and advanced to the first round.

Credit: Riot Games

OpTic should really be thankful to have a player like "yay" as he scored a 17/4 K/D with Jett on defence. His incredible skills with Operator saved his team and got a very important point.

Round 2 (Bind: 14-12 OpTic)

OpTic's pick as the winner of the first round was Bind, with a very acceptable reason. While LOUD has never played on Bind during the Masters, OpTic has won his last six games on Bind, including two in the Masters stage.

In the first round, the winner of the pistol round was LOUD, but OpTic won the next round even though they were eco. After they won the third round, the fourth round also belonged to LOUD. For five more rounds OpTic kept the upper hand and in the eighth round the score was 7-2. When the round winner was OpTic with a score of 8-4, "yay" was there once again with a 22/6 K/D.

The second round of the match ended with the same score but LOUD was the winner. While LOUD was leading 12-11, "Victor" stepped up and took his team to extra time with an incredible ace. Then the match ended again with OpTic winning 14-12.

Round 3 (Breeze: 15-13 OpTic)

As OpTic's head coach "Chet" said, selecting Breeze at LOUD made more sense than the other options. The reason for this was that OpTic has consistently banned Breeze since 2022. The only match they played on this card was the Challengers grand final NA, where they lost to The Guard 13-2.

Credit: Riot Games

"Chet" said that "they did their best to at least prepare the attack side, and the defence side I just did on the fly before the game". Looking at the score, it seems that this preparation was good as they won the game 8-4. In the second round, OpTic had some difficulties to win.

In round 24, OpTic won and took the match to overtime. At the end of the Grand Final, the American team won the next rounds confidently and finished the map 15-13.

OpTic is proud of North America and will participate in the further stages of VCT 2022. Would you like to bet on them? Visit Luckbox and place your bet, easily and safely.