Excitement, scepticism and sarcasm - Gamers react to Google Stadia

Google has used the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco to announce its biggest move into gaming with the launch of Google Stadia, prompting a mixed reaction of excitement, scepticism and sarcasm from gamers.

Google Stadia will be a cloud-based service allowing games to be played on PC and mobile. Google's Phil Harrison said: "With Stadia, this waiting game will be a thing of the past."

Google Stadia will, apparently, allow gamers to play in 4k at 60fps, with a connection speed as low as 25mbs, though this claim in particular raised the biggest questions among the gaming community.

Almost-instant play with Google controller


The Google controller features a 'play now' button which is designed to launch gameplay within five seconds with, apparently, "no download, install, updates or patches" required.

Harrison said existing "USB controllers and mouse and keyboard" will function with Stadia games.

Gamers get excited (and sarcastic)

Provoking excitement and sarcasm from gamers is like shooting noobs in a battle royale and this move, by of one of the world's biggest tech companies, is no different. Reaction has been one of overwhelming excitement, with plenty of comedy thrown in for good measure.

Official video: Google Stadia announcement