MIBR CSGO roster shift as LUCAS1 replaces felps - reports

Reports in the Brazilian media suggest that MIBR’s newest signing João "felps" Vasconcellos may be on his way out of the team for the second time. The player, who has already been signed and dropped by this core in their time as SK Gaming, is set to leave for Luminosity, while Lucas "LUCAS1" Teles will finally make his long-overdue move to Brazil’s richest team.

The MIBR core have attempted to sign the player in the past, but been thwarted by his loyalty to other team-mates, particularly his twin brother Henrique "HEN1" Teles, which makes logical sense. What makes less sense is the time LUCAS1 and Hen1 spent with their colours nailed to Vito ‘kNgV’ Giuseppe’s mast, but that period seems to have ended after some time reflecting in the wilderness.


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There were rumours that FalleN had been attempting to sign players from FURIA, the new team that has arisen to take the crown of Brazil’s best, and currently sit fifth in the HLTV rankings. News broke in the last few days that FURIA’s five have signed a set of new five-year contracts, which would be insane if true, and probably put an end to any negotiation to take a FURIA star to MIBR.

Deeper problems in the core

How far from his career doldrums MIBR can take LUCAS1, and indeed how far he can take the current team, remains to be seen, with it apparent that there are enough problems in the four-man core to mean that any new fifth has an uphill battle to improve things. According to Globo.com, LUCAS1 has been training with MIBR in Montpellier, and will continue on with them to Frankfurt and Cologne, presumably while felps is still trying to do his best for the team.

If the move does go through, it will be the first time LUCAS1 has played on a team without HEN1 in their pro careers, and as previously mentioned the second time this team has kicked felps. As with the first instance, you have to feel for the young man about to leave the team as he’s not been the worst player, but the four man core of FalleN, TACO, coldzera and fer seem to be untouchable at this point, with TACO’s stock having been restored during his time with Team Liquid.

The move should represent a significant pay rise for LUCAS1, and MIBR’s first aim has to be reclaiming the crown of ‘best team in Brazil’ from FURIA before they think about reliving their former glory. For a team considered one of CSGO’s all-time greats, the past 18 months have not been good enough, with the likes of boltz, stewie, Tarik, felps and even swag having played with them, and the signing and sacking of scapegoats will only keep them safe so long.


Image: MIBR