Gen.G dethrones DWG at LCK 2022 Spring: Week 1 update

2022’s League of Legends competition in South Korea has started, and one of the most important matches has already been played. During the week of LCK 2022 Spring, Gen.G’s new superteam defeated DWG KIA in an amazing best of three series, securing the first place with T1.

For this split, there are five game days every week at LCK, because of the qualifiers for Asian Games. Teams are performing as expected, with T1, GEN and DK establishing themselves as the better part of the LCK. Get more details below.

Important notes from LCK 2022 Spring’s first week

Of course, the Gen.G vs DWG KIA was the belle of the ball during week one. However, let’s start from the beginning. The first day of the week saw DRX vs Liiv SANDBOX and T1 vs Kwangdong Freecs. Both games ended 2-0, with LSB which has Clozer and Dove defeating DRX’s Pyosik, Deft and BeryL. T1 also demolished KDF, which meant Kiin, Ellim and Teddy had to invest more time before claiming the throne of LCK.

Hanwha Life and NS RedForce was a tough one the second day, ending in a 2-1 for HLE. DWG KIA defeated KT Rolster, with Aria’s performance being so far behind than Worlds. Gen.G started LCK 2022 Spring by defeating DRX, and Fredit BRION surprised T1 by stealing one game away from them. After a close third game, T1 secured the win by being the better team at teamfights.

Fourth day was in no way interesting, but the last day of the week saw some amazing series. First, Fredit BRION played against Hanwha Life Esports and has done a great job once again. After getting so close against T1, they took their win against HLE, a team that is on a similar level. This great play from Karus secured the third game for his team:


The game between Gen.G and DWG KIA was a very important one because it was the fight between last year’s titan and this year’s super team. DWG had to change their roster a lot this season, sending Ghost and BeryL away and having to let go of Khan. DK started the first game with a kind of a comeback, giving Samira to Deokdam, something we rarely saw when Ghost was the ADC of the team.

Gen.G quickly came back the next game, defeating ShowMaker’s Kassadin, and once again, coming back from behind. The greatest mid laners of LCK was clashing, and their performances were key to this series. Just look at how much Chovy’s Corki dealt damage during this one team fight:

And in the last game, Lehends finally did something to steal the spotlight. Locking in a Singed support, which was the first in 1271 days in LCK, he helped his team get the win while Chovy played Corki and Ruler played Samira once again. Even ShowMaker’s 7-1 Viktor couldn’t stop them while the team that was behind during the early game won it at late game for the third time. Look at how happy Gen.G were at the end of the series:

While it was nice to see Lehends taking matters into his hands once again and Peanut playing Poppy for his team, Gen.G must be relieved that Ruler and Chovy are still able carry games. For DWG KIA, it wasn’t a bad series, they are a new team this year and showing such a great performance should be a good sign. Being able to play from the bot lane is valuable for them also.

Current standings and schedule at LCK 2022 Spring

Find out the schedule for LCK 2022 Spring Week 2 below, and if you are interested, you can watch the games and place your bets on Luckbox.

Wednesday, 19 January

Nongshim RedForce vs DWG KIA - 09.00 CET
KT Rolster vs Hanwha Life Esports - 12.00 CET

Thursday, 20 January

DRX vs T1 - 09.00 CET
Fredit BRION vs Gen.G - 12.00 CET

Friday, 21 January

Liiv SANDBOX vs Kwangdong Freecs - 09.00 CET
KT Rolster vs Nongshim RedForce - 12.00 CET

Saturday, 22 January

DWG KIA vs Fredit BRION - 09.00 CET
Gen.G vs Hanwha Life Esports - 12.00 CET

Sunday, 23 January

Liiv SANDBOX vs T1 - 09.00 CET
Kwangdong Freecs vs DRX - 12.00 CET

There isn’t a match like DWG KIA vs Gen.G in the second week, but there are still some that look interesting. Fredit BRION showed great potential at their first games, so it would be interesting to see them against a Gen.G and find out if they can repeat what they did to T1. They will also play against DWG KIA this week, and the same applies for that series.

DRX disappointed their fans with their performance in the first week, but they will have a chance to prove their potential against T1. They don’t need to win the whole thing to prove anything, they just have to show they are no easy bite, but they just might pull that off, so keep your eyes on that one.

Chovy will face his old team on Saturday, but that should be a one-sided series on paper and considering the performances of both teams. The last day will see a Kwangdong Freecs vs DRX, a chance for both teams to lift themselves off from the bottom of the table.

Talking about the table, you can check the current standings at LCK after the first week below:

Placement Team Score
1 Gen.G 2-0 (4-1)
1 T1 2-0 (4-1)
3 DWG KIA 1-1 (3-2)
3 Nongshim RedForce 1-1 (3-2)
5 Fredit BRION 1-1 (3-3)
5 Hanwha Life Esports 1-1 (3-3)
7 KT Rolster 1-1 (2-2)
7 Liiv SANDBOX 1-1 (2-2)
9 DRX 0-2 (0-4)
9 Kwangdong Freecs 0-2 (0-4)



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