Gen.G destroys T1 in 2022 LCK Summer Week 7

The most important match of the LCK regular season is over, and Gen.G managed to make it even against T1 with a 2-0 victory. This was Gen.G’s first series win over T1 this year: they lost two in the spring season with subs, the spring grand final and the first series during the summer. Both teams will enter the playoffs, but this win almost secures the first place for Gen.G.

Unlike T1, Gen.G aren’t defeated by any team other than their championship rival this season, giving them a great advantage. At the bottom of the table, Fredit BRION and Hanwha Life are out of playoffs, and NS RedForce is one loss away from the same fate as well. Kwangdong Freecs are also in danger of missing the playoffs after being considered one of the favourites for it. Let’s take a look at what happened.

LCK Week 7 recap

The seventh week started with KT vs T1. Although T1 started with a quite strong win, kt Rolster’s Aiming managed to keep his team alive with a good performance, only to be defeated in game 3. Hanwha Life then surprised with a good start against DWG KIA. However, ShowMaker and his friends managed to reverse sweep their weak enemies.

Liiv SANDBOX is one of the best surprises of the 2022 summer season, but NS RedForce managed to upset their strong rival. New transfer SnowFlower helped his team survive with a 2-1 victory. Thanks to a robust set of performances from Chovy, Gen.G destroyed DRX with 17-4 and 27-9, sending a message to T1.

Kwandong Freecs didn’t let Fredit BRION pull the upset, defeating them 2-1 with Teddy taking the matters into his hands (8-0-8 Jinx on game 3). The second surprise of the season after LSB, kt Rolster destroyed DWG KIA 2-0 to strengthen their place in the playoffs race. KDF surely won’t appreciate DK’s weak performance.

DRX was handed the 0-2 week after another loss against Liiv SANDBOX. Just like Aiming did for KT, Prince led his team to glory for LSB. The match of the week was played between T1 and Gen.G following that.

Although T1 had quite the perfect start in game 1, the differences between team comps showed later in the game where Gen.G secured the victory. Ruler moved on to play amazingly in the second game, securing one pentakill, one quadra kill and an ‘almost’ pentakill with Zeri, securing the 2-0 win for GEN.

With this result, Gen.G secured an advantage over T1 in the league table, and they will feel more comfortable facing T1 in playoffs as this is their first win over their number one rival. If GEN keeps perfect form until the end of the regular season, they will easily finish as first place which will give them an advantage in the grand finals.

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Final day of the week started with Hanwha Life vs Kwangdong Freecs. KDF managed to take the second victory of the week against another bottom team, following a superb performance from superstar top laner Kiin. Fredit BRION then found the second win of the season against NS RedForce. NS wanted to move upwards after their win over Liiv SANDBOX but this loss definitely killed their hopes.

LCK Week 8 schedule

Check out the schedule below:

Wednesday, August 3
Liiv SANDBOX (2.35) vs DWG KIA (1.52) - 10:00 CEST
Kwangdong Freecs (8.50) vs Gen.G (1.04) - 13:00 CEST

Thursday, August 4
kt Rolster (1.26) vs Fredit BRION (3.50) - 10:00 CEST
T1 (1.05) vs Hanwha Life Esports (7.50) - 13:00 CEST

Friday, August 5
DRX (1.28) vs NS RedForce (3.30) - 10:00 CEST
DWG KIA (2.90) vs Gen.G (1.35) - 13:00 CEST

Saturday, August 6
Hanwha Life Esports (2.15) vs Fredit BRION (1.65) - 10:00 CEST
kt Rolster (1.92) vs Liiv SANDBOX (1.80) - 13:00 CEST

Sunday, August 7
NS RedForce (5.80) vs T1 (1.10) - 10:00 CEST
Kwangdong Freecs (2.60) vs DRX (1.42) - 13:00 CEST

After a shocking loss against Gen.G, T1 will have an easy week to get back up and focus on the rest of the season. DWG KIA on the other hand will have to deal with Liiv SANDBOX and Gen.G this week to stay in third place. Although they were shocked by NS RedForce last week, LSB might use this advantage to hand DK the 0-2 week and secure third place.

“Match of the weak” will be played between Hanwha Life and Fredit BRION, both being out of playoff contention so their match should be fun. The last game of the week is one of the most important ones, Kwangdong Freecs will face DRX to get back in the playoff zone. They will most likely lose the first game against Gen.G so they have to take down DRX to stay alive. Make sure to tune in for that one.