LCK 2022 Spring Week 3 schedule and betting odds: Gen.G and T1 are on fire

The second week at LCK 2022 Spring is over but Gen.G and T1 are still dominating it all. Both teams locked in a 2-0 and claimed the first place together, while the bottom of the table is stirred a little bit. Let’s see the current dynamics and what happened last week, before we head on to the schedule of week three.

Aside from GEN and T1, Nongshim RedForce was able to secure two wins, and DRX finally secured the win they were waiting for with their new roster and impressing the fans. DWG KIA fell even more behind, and there is no team without any wins after week two in LCK. Find more details below.

LCK 2022 Spring week two recap

The second week started with NS vs DK. In a close match, Nongshim RedForce managed to secure the win against DWG KIA who were bested by Gen.G recently. With this result, DK found themselves even further away from the title race, while NS secured three wins out of the four series they played.

DRX’s new roster wasn’t able to make T1 struggle, and their title race opponent Gen.G also took a 2-0 the same day against Fredit BRION. Next up, a game which deeply interests the bottom of the league, Liiv SANDBOX vs Kwangdong Freecs was played. KDF with Teddy and Kiin finally reached the win they were looking for, but it wasn’t enough to get them back to the title race.

KT Rolster who has been performing incredibly well this season was defeated by NS 2-1 before the weekend to finish the second week 2-2. On the weekend, DK bested BRO easily, while Hanwha Life really fought Gen.G hard, only to lose 2-1 anyway.

Last day of the week saw T1 taking their second win of the week just like Gen.G. With this 2-0, T1 claimed the first place because of the game difference, although both teams are even with 4-0 score. One of the most important games of the week became the game after that, Kwangdong Freecs vs DRX. KDF had just secured their win, while DRX’s new roster with Deft and BeryL kept on disappointing the fans.

After starting out bad, DRX managed to hold on to the game at the first game of the series, taking the win and having an advantage for the second one. KDF wasn’t able to turn things around, when DRX finally lived up to the expectations and found the first win of the year for them. It was an incredible series, and I recommend you watch it.

Image via LCK, DRX from LoLLy Night

LCK 2022 Spring week three schedule and betting odds

Find the schedule of the third week below:

Wednesday, 26 January
Gen.G (1.13) vs Kwangdong Freecs (5.00) - 09.00 CET
DRX (1.90) vs Fredit BRION (1.80) - 12.00 CET

Thursday, 27 January
KT Rolster (1.25) vs Liiv SANDBOX (3.60) - 09.00 CET
T1 (1.40) vs Nongshim RedForce (2.70) - 12.00 CET

Friday, 28 January
Hanwha Life Esports (4.50) vs DWG KIA (1.17) - 09.00 CET
Fredit BRION (1.88) vs Kwangdong Freecs (1.82) - 12.00 CET

Saturday, 29 January
Gen.G (1.28) vs KT Rolster (3.40) - 09.00 CET
Nongshim RedForce (1.28) vs DRX (3.40) - 12.00 CET

Sunday, 30 January
DWG KIA (2.10) vs T1 (1.65) - 09.00 CET
Hanwha Life Esports (1.52) vs Liiv SANDBOX (2.35) - 12.00 CET

Kwangdong Freecs will face a big challenge when they meet GEN in the first game of the week. They haven’t been impressing, and Gen.G looks very competent. It’ll be a hard time for KDF, who actually looked promising before the season.

Nongshim RedForce, following the title race very closely, will have their chance to move up when they meet T1 on Thursday. T1 is looking very strong as well, just like Gen.G, so their chances are low, but we are used to seeing upsets in LCK and T1 are not flawless just yet.

Gen.G vs KT Rolster on Saturday is a very old competition between the organizations, though today, GEN is definitely a better team than KT. Defying the odds, KT started out well, and hopefully, they will perform well at this game to prove they have something to give this year.

DWG KIA vs T1 at the end of the week is definitely the match of the week. DK has fallen behind, this is their chance to become relevant in the title race once again. If T1 defeats NS, this will be a chance for them to show they are looking for a resurrection story after all these years, before their game against Gen.G in week four. T1 is the favourite, DK is open to surprises, but nonetheless, this series will be an amazing one.

LCK 2022 Spring week two standings

Placements Team Score
1 T1 4-0 (8-1)
2 Gen.G 4-0 (8-2)
3 Nongshim RedForce 3-1 (7-4)
4 DWG KIA 2-2 (6-4)
5 KT Rolster 2-2 (5-4)
6 Hanwha Life Esports 1-3 (4-7)
7 Fredit BRION 1-3 (3-7)
8 DRX 1-3 (2-6)
8 Kwangdong Freecs 1-3 (2-6)
8 Liiv SANDBOX 1-3 (2-6)


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