Gamers8 2022 Rainbow Six Siege starts with $2,000,000 prize pool

Rainbow Six Siege tournament of Gamers8 2022 starts this week, including eight of the best R6S teams. The tournament will take place over three days, and the winner will earn $400,000 for winning four or five games in total. Let’s take a look at the format and schedule, and who’s going to participate in this tournament.

Gamers8 2022 entered esports with its sensational prize pool, backed by the Saudi Ministry of Sport. After Riyadh Masters 2022, the Dota 2 tournament, we will witness the Rainbow Six Siege leg of the event. Eight teams are put into two groups, which will be played in a double-elimination system. A single-elimination playoffs bracket will follow that.

Eight teams fighting for a massive prize pool

In Group A, we will see Team Liquid with their Brazilian roster, WYLDE’s German team, South Korea’s DAMWON Gaming and the USA’s Spacestation Gaming. Considering their recent performances, we can deduce that a healthy amount of competition is awaiting us in Group A.

Considering Brazilian teams have been superb the last few years in R6S, Team Liquid appears to be one of the favourites of the group, they had a great 2021. Although Six Invitational 2022 didn’t go as perfectly, they were eliminated by another Brazilian team. Korean DAMWON Gaming had a good start in Six Sweden Major 2021 followed by a top 12 finish in Six Invitational 2022. They are a good team, but TL should outpower them.

Filling the European slot for Gamers8 2022, WYLDE looks like they are the weakest link in the group. While Spacestation Gaming participated in many Major tournaments and had a top 12 finish at Six Invitational 2022, WYLDE failed to participate in any international tournaments since they entered R6S.

Group C hosts USA’s TSM, Brazil’s own MIBR, French BDS Esport and Saudi Arabia’s Falcons Esport. The quality of the teams point to an early qualification for the playoffs for TSM and MIBR, BDS Esport and Falcons should be too easy of a challenge for them.

The champions of Six Invitational 2022, TSM took over the Rainbow Six Siege scene from Brazilians and entered this tournament as the favourite. Their number one rival is present in the group, Brazil’s MIBR. Finishing fourth in Six Invitational 2022, MIBR is one of the best R6S teams currently in the world. Their recent Brasileirão performances suggest a drop in their form which makes TSM’s job a lot easier.

Falcons Esport entered the Rainbow Six Siege scene with an all-Arabian roster at the end of 2021. Although they were able to crush the Saudi Arabia scene by winning all tournaments, it’s pretty hard for them to appear competitive against the best teams in the world. BDS Esport looks like a more successful version of WYLDE, they were able to participate in Major events and even have a top 8 finish at Six Invitational 2021. That probably won’t be enough against TSM and MIBR, though.

Gamers8 2022 R6S is starting on August 4, Thursday. Make sure to tune in for this competition to see which team gets the biggest share from that $2,000,000 prize pool. You can find live streams on Luckbox. Sign up now to claim your 100% bonus before placing your bets.

Gamers8 2022 R6S schedule

Check out the schedule below:

Upper Bracket Semi-finals

Group A - August 4, 13:00 CEST
Team Liquid (1.22) vs WYLDE (4.00)
DAMWON Gaming (1.50) vs Spacestation (2.40)

Group B - August 4, 16:00 CEST
TSM (2.10) vs MIBR (1.65)
Team BDS (1.10) vs Falcons Esport (5.80)

The outcome of TSM vs MIBR shouldn’t change much as both of them will easily make it to the playoffs. BDS or Falcons won’t be a problem for the team who lost. If you are looking for a favourite, that’s TSM, SI 22 champions. However, although TL is a clear favourite against WYLDE, it’s hard to pick one between DAMWON and Spacestation. Their recent performances are close, which points to a fantastic series.