G2 shocks FNC: LEC 2022 Spring Week 4 schedule and betting odds

It gets even more complicated at LEC 2022 Spring: Fnatic had the worst week possible while Rogue triumphs and secures the first place in the league. The heavily-anticipated game between G2 and Fnatic where FNC was expected to stomp went G2’s way, and now Fnatic’s strength is questioned by everyone. It’s time to relive the action before week four starts.

Last weekend saw ten matchups between Europe’s best League of Legends teams as usual. Alongside Fnatic and Rogue’s stories, Astralis is still yet to find a win while Team BDS managed to get back in the playoffs race with a 2-0 week against their closest opponents. Get more details below.

LEC 2022 Spring Week 3 recap

While the first day of week 3 started with a weak matchup between Team BDS and Astralis, we knew some “banger” series were coming up. Defeating Astralis, Adam’s BDS took their first win and left the stage for MAD Lions and Excel. With their shaky performance, MAD managed to find their fourth win of the season against Excel, but they are still yet to relieve their fans about the title race this season.

Before one of the three important matchups of this week, Team Vitality bested SK Gaming convincingly, scoring a three game long win streak. Then, the fight of the beasts started. 5-0 Rogue was facing 5-0 Fnatic.

Led by Malrang’s incredible Viego and Larssen’s Twisted Fate, Rogue had a 14-4 score and a Baron Nashor buff at 28 minutes. At that point, they were able to force Fnatic’s base and end it, dominating the game, ending Fnatic’s undefeated streak and showing themselves once again as Europe’s best.

G2 Esports then defeated Misfits Gaming, finishing the first day. Team BDS opened up the second day once again, beating SK Gaming. XL advanced by handing Astralis their seventh loss, in a very convincing game which ended in 36 minutes. New transfer Mikyx had his first win with this game.

Following that, Misfits defeated MAD Lions in a game that was very important for the playoffs race. Giving meta’s queen Akali away to Misfits, some said that MAD deserved to lose it all along. Slowly building the snowball, Misfits were ahead on every single lane and the jungle, winning it very convincingly.

Rogue then faced the super team Team Vitality. It was so much more closer than the FNC game, with VIT having answers against Rogue in the early game, making use of Alphari’s Graves and stuff. However, one mistake from Selfmade gave Rogue a Nashor buff which they utilized greatly, and that led to RGE ultimately ending it.

Then came what we were all waiting for: G2 Esports vs Fnatic. While G2 wasn’t as good with their new roster, Fnatic triumphed this season and had their first loss against Rogue a day earlier. Targamas picked an exciting Zilean at bot lane, while Humanoid picked his famous Azir in the mid lane.

The first twenty minutes of the game was very close. There was little gold difference between the teams and it was 3-3. However, one teamfight which started in the top lane followed by BrokenBlade’s Aatrox gave G2 the upper hand. From that point on, G2 won every single team fight one by one which handed them the win eventually.

LEC 2022 Spring Week 4 schedule and betting odds

Week 4 will start with SK vs Astralis and end with Rogue vs G2, a very important match that could have an effect at where the teams end up at the end of the season. Check out the schedule:

Friday, 4 February
SK Gaming vs Astralis - 18.00 CET
Rogue (1.22) vs Excel Esports (4.00) - 19.00 CET
Team Vitality vs Misfits Gaming - 20.00 CET
Team BDS vs G2 Esports - 21.00 CET
MAD Lions vs Fnatic - 22.00 CET

Saturday, 5 February
SK Gaming vs Misfits Gaming - 18.00 CET
Team BDS vs MAD Lions - 19.00 CET
Team Vitality vs Astralis - 20.00 CET
Fnatic (1.28) vs Excel Esports (4.00) - 21.00 CET
Rogue vs G2 Esports - 22.00 CET

For this week, two matchups stand out: MAD Lions vs Fnatic and Rogue vs G2 Esports.

Fnatic had a great start this season, and although they had a bad run last week, they are still the favourites against MAD Lions. MAD on the other hand has a very unstable performance, which is part of why I can’t say that Fnatic is not the clear favourite here. If it’s a good day for MAD, they will surely make Fnatic suffer. However, their worst day might see a Fnatic stomp here. Luckily, Fnatic might be confused and broken after a 0-2 week, and they could make use of that fact if they play their cards right.

The other one is Rogue vs G2, and my comments will be similar. Rogue is a great team, 7-0, they are dominating the league and playing great League of Legends. On the other hand, G2 Esports is a good team, has shown some good performances, but they aren’t stable. There is a chance for an upset here, but Rogue is aiming for their first championship, so there is no excuse for that. For G2, they pulled the upset last week, they can do that again.

LEC 2022 Spring Week 4 standings

Check out the standings while we are headed to week four:

Placements Team Score
1 Rogue 7-0
2 Fnatic 5-2
2 G2 Esports 5-2
4 MAD Lions 4-3
4 Misfits Gaming 4-3
6 Excel Esports 3-4
6 Team BDS 3-4
6 Team Vitality 3-4
9 SK Gaming 1-6
10 Astralis 0-7


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