G2 rebuilds their LoL team for 2022

Possibly the most successful Western League of Legends team of all time, G2 Esports, aimed to create the best LoL team ever in 2021 but became a disappointment for their fans. With superstar Rekkles’ addition everyone expected the team to prosper and become an even bigger threat for the Eastern powerhouses like EDG, FPX and DK, but G2 couldn’t even qualify for Worlds 2021. After such a year, changes would surely happen.

As reported by various media outlets, G2 didn’t want to continue with Wunder, Rekkles and Mikyx, building a new team around Jankos and Caps, the two players they consider the most valuable. In 2020, people were arguing about Wunder being the best top laner in the West, Rekkles being a legendary ADC and Mikyx being the best and most effective Western support. What changed?

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What went wrong in 2021 for G2?

2021 started with a controversial transfer story at G2 Esports. Perkz was let go by the team, however, Fnatic wasn’t allowed to talk with the player according to sources, creating lots of controversies which included G2’s CEO ocelote explaining things himself. On the other side, G2 took Rekkles, whose contract ended in 2020, away from Fnatic, his long-time home much to the dismay of Fnatic fans.

With the addition of Rekkles instead of Perkz who openly said he didn’t want to play in the bot lane anymore, G2’s roster looked like it was finally complete. They brought in the superstar of Europe, so this even more super team should win anything they fight for, LEC, MSI or Worlds, right?

Things didn't go exactly as planned. After finishing the Spring Season first place, on LEC Spring Playoffs, G2 was defeated by MAD Lions first and Rogue second and missed MSI 2021. After such an upset, LEC Summer Season did not start well for the team as well. Caps was on the tenth place amongst other mid laners in LEC for almost any stats that mattered. G2 was shattered.

They did get themselves together, secured second place and qualified for the LEC Summer Playoffs, but it didn’t go too well either. G2 was defeated by MAD Lions in the first match, and by Fnatic in their second, missing Worlds with one match. G2 would miss Worlds for the first time in their history.

New transfers

Image via Riot Games

ocelote kept his promise and rebuilt the G2 League of Legends team. Although it was decided that Wunder and Mikyx would leave the team from the start, decision about Rekkles took some more time. However, Jankos and Caps reportedly didn’t want to spend another year with Rekkles. Thus, G2 needed another ADC. The team also sacked their coaching staff, but they had a familiar name on the market waiting for a spot.

Dylan Falco, who worked with Caps before and played Worlds 2018 Finals with him at Fnatic left Schalke 04 after the LEC 2021 Summer Season. S04 did take the last place in the league, but the organization had many problems and the players and staff were the last ones to blame for that result. Nonetheless, Dylan Falco was on the market, and G2 took him.

G2 then replaced Wunder with Broken Blade, former TSM top laner who spent 2021 at Schalke 04. BB has proved to be such a strong player on top lane with flexible picks and being able to play the weak side as well. This is his second challenge, and after being the first Turkish player to win NA LCS, maybe he can also challenge Armut to become an LEC winner as well.

On the bot lane, G2 went for rookies. Flakked and Targamas, who has no LEC experience, came from ERL to one of the best teams in the world. Will they be able to prosper under such pressure? We will see.

You can find the full roster and coaching staff of G2 Esports below:



Broken Blade

Top Laner




Mid Laner


Bot Laner



Dylan Falco

Head Coach


Strategic Coach


Head Analyst

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