G2 Rainbow 6: The greatest team in esports

Legacies are the hardest thing to achieve in competition, if truth be told. The number of teams, players, coaches and clubs that have won things, only to fade away and never again reach that level far outweighs the number of competitors able to maintain a spot at the top of the tree. As John McEnroe once said, getting to number one is tough, but staying there is leagues harder, at least for most people.

However, sometimes a team comes along that breaks the game, and just creates a new level of excellence that seems impossible. There was an Australian Rugby League team that won for fun, but that was at international level in a relatively niche sport, where normally there is very little chance a team can even maintain top spot for more than a short period.

In Rainbow 6 that is not the case. The game, which is a tactical, class-based team first person shooter is so utterly dominated by one team that it is almost not enjoyable to watch, or wouldn’t be if that dominant team were not so much fun. That team is G2 Esports, who until recently were Penta Esports, but a few million euros saw them don Gamers2 logo, and for the org at least, it’s been all good since then. As for the gap, a recent Pro League game demonstrated the immense distance between them and the rest of the pack.

4 v 5 for fun

For context, the contest took place in last week’s round of games, and was essentially meaningless for the G2 side. They have already secured a place in the upcoming Rio Major, which is essentially what this stage of the season is a qualifier for, and as reigning Paris Major champions have nothing to prove either. So far they’ve lost just once in this split, to their old org Penta Esports, and went into the tie with Supremacy with just that single blot on their record.

As for Supremacy, they did come into the game in last place in the league, but the French side are no slouches. A tough season has been marked by a few losses, but a win over Team Vitality and a tie with the impressive Team Secret showed the potential they have. Coming into the match, there was also the added bonus for the French that G2 would be missing Niclas ‘Pengu’ Mouritzen, one of their star fraggers, and one of the best players to ever touch the game.

In Pengu’s place would be Daniel 'Ferral' Rotheram, a Brit who joined up with the team when they were still at Penta. Ferral is employed as an analyst, and normally when a member of the technical team has to stand in it is through terrible circumstances, such as we saw with Space Soldiers at the London CSGO Major, but in this case it turned out just to be for a laugh, as G2 had nothing to play for and Ferral had always wanted to be a professional player.

Flawless victory

The VoD itself is above, but we’ll provide a tl;dw for those without half an hour free. G2, playing essentially a 4 v 5 against professional opponents, take the game 6-0, which is a flawless victory. Not only do they manage that, but along the way they find time to meme on their opponents, first picking Lord Tachanka, and then turning the entire last round into a battle between the shields and the traps, which is a mirror of the way many lower-skill online matches play out.

It might seem a bit mean of them to do so, given how poor Supremacy’s season has been so far, but the reality is this wasn’t just G2 flexing on the worst team in the league, as they can do it to anyone. The last Major saw them stomp their ‘rivals’ Evil Geniuses 3-0 in Grand Finals, having not dropped a game in the entire playoffs, while the other team expected to bother them in 2018 was Team Liquid, who have fallen off hard. Right now, and always in R6, G2 are just the best team in the business, and it doesn’t look like changing.

There is always the chance we’ll be proven wrong in Rio, but we don’t think so to be honest. G2 are an org with a lot of money that has spent it bravely in recent years, and sadly a lot of those risks have not paid off, but this one certainly has so far. When it comes to esports, we struggle to think of any team that comes close to the level of dominance and skill their Rainbow 6 side displays in game, meaning that for us, it’s fair to say they are the greatest esports team in the world.

Image credit: Ubisoft


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