G2 joins women's Counter-Strike with the G2 OYA roster

G2 Esports has made its first foray into the women's Counter-Strike scene by launching its newest team: G2 OYA.

G2 Esports launches CS:GO women's team G2 OYA

The headliners of this new roster are returning CS:GO veterans Julia "⁠juliano⁠" Kiran and Zainab "⁠zAAz⁠" Turkie.

The pair spent two years on the CS:GO scene together, before they both left to switch to VALORANT, and signed with XSET in 2021. They later went on to join G2, becoming part of the original G2 Gozen roster - and juliano was part of the active roster that were crowned the champions of the 2022 Game Changers Championship.

The return of juliano and zAAZ to CS:GO has been a long-time coming, with zAAz having posted a Tweet looking for female CS:GO players late last year. The duo eventually put together a team (The Unexpected) to compete in the ESL Impact Katowice qualifiers, but ultimately lost to BIG EQUIPA in the second round. Despite that setback, The Unexpected went on to qualify for ESL Impact Season 3's European division.

"The G2 Oya project is special to me because it's a fresh start," said juliano. "I’m returning to my homeground, Counter-Strike, together with my duo zAAz. It is an incredible feeling and I’m so excited about what we will achieve. We have brought together some insane raw talents to complete our lineup and there is no doubt in my mind that you'll see us all lift a trophy together.”

"The G2 Oya project, alongside G2 Gozen and G2 Hel, is much more than just winning or losing," added G2 CEO Alban Dechelotte. "The creation of the team is to help inspire the next generation of players of CS:GO. We’re immensely proud of the work we have done at G2 to improve the presence of women players in esports competition and this is just the latest step in our journey to do that. While the goal is better representation, we know that trophies come to the party when Juliano and zAAz are on the server and we’re confident we’ll experience the same instant success with G2 Oya. I can’t wait to see them coming back to their realm to claim back their crown.”

The G2 OYA roster consists of Julia "⁠juliano⁠" Kiran, Zainab "⁠zAAz⁠" Turkie, Anastasiya "kr4sylya" Khlobystina, Oleksandra "manka" Kruspe, Aleksandra "kyossa" Tychanska and coach Jimmy "Jumpy" Berndtsson.

It's an exciting time for the women's CS:GO scene, with G2 Esports launching their first-ever all-female team. You'll be able to follow along with everything in CS:GO live betting via our upcoming match schedule, and remember to sign up to claim your free 100% bonus!