G2 Gozen wins VCT Game Changers Championship

G2 Gozen has won the first-ever Valorant Game Changers Championship, pulling off a reverse sweep against Shopify Rebellion.

It was a rollercoaster of a match, with Shopify Rebellion starting off strong with a 2-0 lead. With defeat closing in around them however, G2 were able to turn things around and get their hands on the Game Changers trophy by dominating the next three maps, claiming the championship with a 3-2 win.

This means that G2 are the first-ever recipients of the VALORANT Game Changers trophy, after completing the first VCT finals reverse sweep in history. The odds were initially in Shopify Rebellion’s favour, winning the first two matches (Pearl and Bind) with 13-9 victories on both maps. G2 however, turned the finals on their head by winning 13-3 win on Ascent, followed by a 13-2 victory on Icebox before winning the decisive match on Breeze with a 13-5 victory.

Alongside their trophy, the team is taking home a $180,000 prize for winning the inaugural women-only tournament. The prize pool for the VCT Game Changers Championship is as follows:

1, G2 Gozen — $180,000

2, Shopify Rebellion GC — $110,000

3, Team Liquid Brazil — $80,000

4, Cloud9 White — $50,000

5-6, X10 Sapphire, Guild X — $25,000

7-8, KRU Fem, FENNEL Female — $15,000

G2’s hard-won victory casts further gloom over the drama that Shopify Rebellion’s coach Rob "robwiz" Kennedy found himself in following the lower-bracket semifinals, in which he was suspended from the finals due to making an offensive gesture at Cloud9 White.

The incident occurred on stage following the lower-bracket Semifinals, in which Shopify Rebellion GC defeated Cloud9 White. Immediately following the victory, rob-wiz gave the opposing team the middle finger in a scene that was captured and spread across social media.

On top of being suspended from Shopify Rebellion GC’s next match, rob-wiz has been fined, and has been warned that further violations of tournament policies will result in additional penalties.

The decision was announced via the VCT Twitter account, which revealed that robwiz had violated the Global Competition Policy.

“On November 19, immediately after the match between Shopify Rebellion GC and Cloud9 White during the VALORANT Game Changers Championship, the coach of Shopify Rebellion GC, Rob "robwiz" Kennedy, made an offensive gesture on stage toward the players of Cloud9 White,” reads the statement. Consequently, Rob Kennedy breached rule 7.1.2 of the Global Competition Policy, according to which coaches must observe the highest standards of personal integrity and good sportsmanship at all times.

“Behaviour that disrespects and insults the players of the opposing team is a violation of the standards expected of coaches participating in the VALORANT Game Changers Championship. Accordingly, Rob Kennedy is suspended for his next match in the VALORANT Game Changers Championship scheduled to be played on November 20th, 2022. "

That’s it for the Valorant Champions Tour Game Changers Championship, but the esports action doesn’t stop there. Over on the CS:GO scene, the BLAST Premier Fall Finals are about to begin: taking place from November 23 to November 27th. We have everything you need to know about that right here.

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