G2 Esports won RLCS Winter Split Major

The RLCS Winter Split Major, the $300,000 Rocket League tournament held in Los Angeles, has come to an end. G2 Esports became the champions as a result of the spectacular final.

G2 Esports and Team Queso's journey to the finals is in our article.

Team Queso, second in their group, was pretty good in the playoffs

Team Queso's group included Version1, FaZe Clan, and DetoNator. They finished second in the group with a loss against FaZe Clan. Thus, they qualified to continue from lower bracket round 1.

They managed to win their match against The General NRG 3-2 in a tough series. They eliminated Evil Geniuses from the tournament with a comfortable score of 3-0. Their encounter with FURIA Esports was like a duel. Team Queso was the winner with a score of 4-3.

They faced FaZe Clan again in the lower bracket semifinals, to whom they lost in the group. This time, they defeated their opponents with a superior score of 4-1. Their last rival before the grand final was Spacestation Gaming. Team Queso was the winner of this amazing match. They won 4-3. Thus, they proceeded to the grand final.

G2 Esports did not have much trouble on the way to the grand final

G2 Esports had some pretty tough rivals in their group. They won all three matches in the group that included Team BDS, Evil Geniuses and Team Secret. With this performance, they advanced to the upper bracket semifinals of Winter Split Major.

They faced the winner of Group B, FURIA Esports. They won 4-2 against them, and advanced to the upper bracket final. Their 4-1 win against Spacestation Gaming took them to the grand final.

The Winter Split Major Grand Final was breathtaking

There was a bracket reset in the grand final. The only way for a team from the lower bracket finals to be champions was if they won two Bo7 series. Team Queso won their first Bo7 series by a score of 4-3. In the second Bo7 series, G2 Esports did not give much chance to their opponents from the lower bracket final and won 4-2. Therefore, they became the champions of the RLCS 2021/22 Winter Split Major.

Prize pool

Place Team USD RLCS Points
1st G2 Esports $90,000 701
2nd Team Queso $60,000 600
3rd Spacestation Gaming $30,000 520
4th FaZe Clan $24,000 440
5th-6th Version1 $18,000 380
FURIA Esports
7th-8th Team BDS $12,000 320
Evil Geniuses
9th-12th Endpoint CeX $6,000 220
The General NRG
13th-15th DeToNator $3,000 120
Team Secret
DQ Sandrock Gaming $3,000 120


G2 Esports won the $90,000 grand prize as a result. Next up is the Spring Split.

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