G2 Esports: Success story of ocelote - an ex-esports player

Founded by former League of Legends player ocelote as Gamers2, G2 Esports quickly became one of the biggest brands in esports. Aside from that, G2 reached success in almost any discipline they compete in, and they have managed to incorporate the best players in their rosters.

Especially in League of Legends, G2 Esports is a titan. They were considered to be Europe’s flagship, especially between 2019 and 2020 when they acquired Caps, one of the best players the West has ever seen. Though they haven’t been as successful, G2 Esports always had competitive rosters with superstars in other games as well. Let’s meet their teams.

G2 Esports and League of Legends

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends was the birth point of G2 Esports. ocelote founded the roots of this brand with Gamers2, and when he decided it was time for him to step down, he brought Croatian mid laner Perkz to replace him and that changed the fate of G2 Esports. Getting great players like Trick, Kikis and Emperor around Perkz, G2 won EU LCS four times in 2016 and 2017.

However, they were surpassed by Fnatic once again in 2018. Bringing Caps from Fnatic for 2019, pushing Perkz to bot lane, G2 claimed top for the second time and even won MSI 2019. It was the best achievement a European team got internationally since Fnatic won the first Worlds ever, and as that Worlds lacked so many teams, mostly Asian teams, the championship at MSI 2019 is considered to be more valuable by many.

2021 wasn’t a great year for G2: They kept the tradition of bringing in the best by getting Rekkles from Fnatic, but it backfired and G2 missed both MSI and Worlds, winning nothing in 2021. For 2022, they rebuilt their team around two superstars, Jankos and Caps. Flakked and Targamas joined the team as the new bot lane, and S04’s BrokenBlade became the new top laner. Although they started with a mediocre performance at LEC, they show promise.

G2 Esports and CS:GO

G2 also fight in the CS:GO arena since 2015, and although they didn’t win any Majors, they are one of the biggest teams in the pro arena. G2 has won several S-Tier and A-Tier tournaments, and they have been participating in most Majors, showing a great performance in all of them. Most recently, they took the second place at PGL Major Stockholm 2021, only bested by s1mple’s NAVI.

Currently, G2’s roster have JACKZ, huNter-, NiKo, m0NESY and Aleksib, with AMANEK and kennyS sitting on the bench. They are being coached by French XTQZZZ. G2’s recent success could be linked with the transfer of NiKo, although they did have some disappointments, the GOAT candidate fought really hard to take his team to second place at PGL Major.

G2 Esports and VALORANT

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G2 Esports has been there from the start of VALORANT. In 2020, they won almost every tournament they attended, other than First Strike Europe where they were eliminated by Heretics. They then represented Europe in Stage 3 Masters Berlin, played in semifinals and got bested by Gambit, although they took $85,000 prize money home.

With the recent change of moving mixwell to the bench, G2 Esports’ current roster is nukkye, AvovA, keloqz, hoody and Meddo. They changed a lot of players from last year like zeek, koldamenta and pyth. Led by Bulgarian captain nukkye, G2 will aim to get a better success than semifinals in 2022.

G2 Esports and Rocket League

The team is very successful and incorporates highly competitive rosters in Rocket League since 2016. In 2017, they’ve won their first Major at ELEAGUE Cup 2017: Rocket League, where they took the $70,000 prize home after defeating Gale Force eSports. They then won RLCS Season 5: NA, RLCS Season 9 - NA and took the second place at RLCS Season X - Spring: NA Major.

G2 Esports’ active roster consists of American players Chicago and Atomic with Canadian JKnaps. They are coached by American duo Satthew and Jahzo, and the team is competing in the NA scene. Recently, dreaz who joined the team in August 2021 left the team and moved on to Team Envy.

ocelote created a fusion of competitive roster and marketing brand in G2 Esports, making his organization the closest thing to an actual traditional sports team. They are using social media greatly while acquiring deals with brands like BMW and Ralph Lauren, and also fight for the top at any esports. As the CEO of the organization, ocelote deserves to be acknowledged for his achievements here.

There are many more teams in G2, including R6S and Apex Legends that we didn’t introduce, and one thing you know when you see G2 Esports’ name on any tournament, they are one of the favourites.

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