G2 Esports dominates ESL Pro League Season 16’s Group B

Group B has finished in ESL Pro League Season 16, with G2 Esports finishing first with an amazing performance. FTW Esports, on the other hand, was the worst performing team in the group, as we predicted.

We wrote an article for you about the first two days of Group B. Today we'll take a look at what happened in the last three days of Group B and what awaits us in ESL Pro League Season 16.

What happened in the last three days of Group B?

September 9

  • G2 Esports 2 - 0 FTW Esports
  • BIG 2 - 1 MIBR
  • FaZe Clan 2 - 1 Outsiders

September 10

  • BIG 2 - 1 FTW Esports
  • Outsiders 2 - 0 MIBR
  • FaZe Clan 0 - 2 G2 Esports

September 11

  • MIBR 2 - 0 FTW Esports
  • G2 Esports 2 - 0 Outsiders
  • FaZe Clan 2 - 0 BIG
BIG | Credit: ESL

G2 Esports finished 2-0 in their first two matches, and continued this magnificent performance in the last three days as well. We expected FaZe Clan to win, but they also won 2-0 against FaZe Clan and finished Group B as the leader without losing a single map.

It was their defeat to G2 Esports that brought FaZe Clan to second place. They also could not easily win against Outsiders and MIBR.

We expected Outsiders' opponent to be BIG. With their victory over their opponents on the first day, they managed to qualify for the playoff stage of the tournament.

As we predicted, MIBR had its only win against FTW Esports, while FTW Esports said goodbye to ESL Pro League Season 16 without achieving a single win.

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Credit: ESL

What happens next in ESL Pro League Season 16?

There are only two groups left before the playoffs. We are halfway through the group stage. Group C will start on September 14 and this competition will continue until September 18. ENCE, Heroic, Astralis, MOUZ, Complexity Gaming and HEET will compete to advance to the playoff stage of ESL Pro League Season 16.

With the end of Group C, the last group will be played between 21-25 September. On September 27, with the start of the playoff stage, the excitement will rise to the top. Lastly, October 2 is the date of the grand final.

Increasing competition continues to please CS: GO fans. You can keep up to date with the latest news about ESL Pro League Season 16 by following Luckbox.