G2 Esports climbs to the top in the 2022 LEC Summer Season

After a long regular season, LEC is headed to the playoffs with G2 Esports leading the league. Coming back from a heated MSI 2022 run, G2 struggled to keep a solid performance throughout the season, concerning their fans at times. However, things turned out perfectly for G2 with a five-win streak at the end of the season that secured them the Worlds 2022 ticket before the playoffs.

G2’s performance, combined with their spring season performance, allowed them to secure a Worlds 2022 ticket thanks to LEC’s format. While MAD Lions led the league for quite a while, G2 managed to climb back and overthrow MAD, entering the summer playoffs in a highly favourable position.

G2 Esports struggled but made it to Worlds

G2’s 2022 story started with a newly-structured roster. After the disappointment 2021’s super team brought, G2 found solace in young talent like Flakked and Targamas. Combined with one of the best top laners in the LEC, Broken Blade, everyone agreed that G2’s roster had a future, but no one expected them to get to MSI 2022.

Although MSI 2022 was a disappointment, considering that G2 weren’t able to take down LCK and LPL representatives, it was a great start for such a young team. Still, G2 was affected by the burnout that participating in MSI 2022 brings, and their LEC performance had its ups and downs. After a 3-0 start, G2 found themselves in seventh place in the fourth week.

The following weeks were similar to a rollercoaster ride but G2 made one more run during the last two weeks of the LEC, one of which was a super week, and won five games in a row to finish at the top.

One of the most impressive stories about LEC 2022 Summer includes G2 Esports and Fnatic. Last year, in LEC 2021 Summer, we witnessed G2’s super team crumble as Fnatic made it to Worlds against the odds. This year, Fnatic was the one to build a super team, alongside Vitality, but G2’s “humble” roster worked like a charm while Fnatic has been in constant turmoil.

G2’s summer season run had a heavy contribution from caPs, widely regarded as the best Western mid laner, in the world. caPs’ impressive form helped G2 make a miracle run from the lower bracket and represent Europe in MSI 2022. This time, G2 displayed an incredible team effort that highlighted many players, not just caPs, and they might be even more dangerous as Flakked and Targamas gathered more experience.

G2 Esports’ LEC 2022 Summer Playoffs run will start next week on August 27 against Misfits Gaming. The series will be their first best-of-five in their journey that they are considered a clear favourite. Make sure to watch the games live, you can find live streams on Luckbox to do just that. Sign up now to claim your 100% bonus before placing your bets on your favourite teams.

LEC 2022 Summer Playoffs will start next week

Image via Riot Games

G2 Esports’ most significant rivals will be MAD Lions and Rogue. MAD Lions led the LEC for a while after changing Nisqy with the underperforming Reeker from the spring season. Nisqy helped improve the team’s performance and created an instant synergy with top laner Armut from Turkey, where Nisqy has his roots.

After a shaky start, Rogue managed to obtain that feared “Rogue regular season buff” during the middle of the season, but was quickly surpassed by MAD Lions. Rogue’s strength comes from the fact that their players complete each other perfectly, and are a strong candidate for the championship as always. Maybe the regular season not going perfectly for them will finally break the curse and lead Rogue to their first trophy.

Misfits Gaming sold their LEC slot to famous Team Heretics, starting in 2023. This means that LEC 2022 Summer is the “last dance” for the organization. The roster will put everything they have on the Rift to make history. Fnatic and Excel will follow them, but they will start from the lower bracket - one defeat will be enough to kick them out of the playoffs. Their Worlds 2022 chances look very slim.

LEC’s playoffs will start next week on August 26, the teams are taking a break and preparing for the playoffs. You can make use of this break by watching other League of Legends leagues like LCK, LPL or LCS, or maybe visit some of the old games between the playoffs participants in the regular season. When the playoffs start, you will be able to find live streams on Luckbox.