G2 Esports are the BLAST Premier World Final 2022 champions

G2 Esports have been crowned the champions of this year's BLAST Premier World Final, following a fantastic 2-0 win against Team Liquid in the grand final on December 18.

BLAST Premier World Final 2022 winners

It marks the end of what has been an incredible World Final, which proved to be unpredictable from start to finish. It was a World Final filled with underdog wins, which is perfectly symbolised by G2's victory. This is the first major S-tier event that the team has won in five years, with the last time they were crowned champions being all the way back at DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017.

It was make or break for both teams, as neither had a single tournament win to their name all year heading into the grand final. Still, the team comfortably beat Team Liquid in the grand final, without conceding a single match to the rival team. They took the first map, Inferno, in a 16-7 domination before taking Mirage through a 16-12 win.

Speaking to BLAST following their victory, G2's in-game leader Rasmus "HooXi" Nielsen said that the win "meant everything" to him.

"This is the event where I won my first arena match, and then I win the trophy as well, that's pretty perfect," said HooXi. "I think it's obvious what I'm going to say next, I'm not going to stand here being a crybaby because I've been crying for a week straight, but obviously I wish that my father could see that I actually accomplished something. I think he would be proud of me for once."

G2 started off this World Final on the back foot, losing to FaZe Clan in their opening match through a 1-2 defeat. They came back strong after that however, securing their place in the playoffs by beating Outsiders in a 2-0 domination - thereby sending the Russian team home.

Credit: BLAST

They kept up that solid performance throughout the playoffs too - clearing the quarterfinals through a 2-1 win against Team Vitality, before finally getting revenge against FaZe Clan in the semi finals - sending them home in an impressive 2-0 victory.

The team has more than earned this victory - and to take the time to rest, following the end of the last CS:GO event of the year. And to hear HooXi tell it in a followup interview, he'll be glad for that.

"I said on stage that I didn't want to be a crybaby, I can tell you I've been a crybaby for the last six months. The second day of bootcamp with G2 when I joined the team, I was sitting in my hotel room crying because I thought I wasn't good enough, and now I'm standing here with the trophy in my hands... I honestly don't know what to tell you.

"It's been extremely tough, exhausting, by far the toughest year I've had in my career both personally and career-wise. I think I've slept, and this is not a joke, like I think I've slept maybe two hours average every day since I came to Abu Dhabi. That, combined with anti-stratting, just waking up in morning is tough."

CS:GO in 2022 might be coming to a close, but all eyes will be on G2 to see if they can maintain this momentum in 2023. And you can follow along with their future success right here on Luckbox - just remember to sign up for your free account!