FURIA Esports: Brazilian CS:GO titan

Once a rising star of CS:GO, now one of the biggest regions in any FPS game, Brazil has a great impact in the history of these games. Although they have many teams in CS:GO, one Brazilian team comes to mind before others like MIBR or Team oNe: FURIA Esports.

They will be our focus here, we will see what the Brazilian titan has managed throughout their history, and what they do currently. First, let’s meet the players.

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Image via DreamHack

guerri is the coach of FURIA Esports. He had a long CS:GO career with minor achievements, but his best achievement came when he had to stand-in to replace one of his players in FURIA. Finishing ESEA Season 31: Global Challenge first, guerri won a tournament he couldn’t ever win when he was a player.

Naturally, his coaching career went so much better, he was there for the last three years of FURIA’s success. We will get more into detail later.


Image via PGL

yuurih has been playing CS:GO since 2016, but his fate turned around when he joined FURIA like guerri. The rifler has been playing for FURIA since November of 2017, when he was 18 years old, and he was an integral part of the Brazilian powerhouse. Before FURIA, he played for teams like Keyd Stars and INTZ. In 2020, he was ranked the 14th best player by HLTV.


Image via PGL

The IGL (in-game leader) and AWPer of FURIA, “big brother” of the team as he is the oldest, arT is the next player. Although he is significantly older than yuurih, his career started in 2016. After playing for paiN and INTZ during the second half of 2017, he joined FURIA at the start of 2018. In 2019, a YouTube video was dedicated to his aggressive playstyle. If you wonder what that is, watch that below:


Image via PGL

The next player on the list is VINI, the Brazilian support rifler who has been playing CS:GO professionally since 2014. However, his biggest move was FURIA, and he didn’t play for Keyd or paiN or similar teams before FURIA Esports. He is the longest playing person on the team, but the 22 year old still has a long career ahead of him.


Another 22 year old, KSCERATO has been playing CS:GO since 2017 and he plays as a rifler. He is MIBR’s WOOD7’s cousin, and he also was named in HLTV’s best players of 2020 list, as 18th. Just like VINI, his first giant team experience was FURIA, although it could be said that the players’ contribution made FURIA a giant. Nonetheless, he is another player who has secured his place in the team for a long time now.


Image via PGL

Next on the list is drop, the newest addition to FURIA Esports. He is a rifler, he is 17 years old and he spent the last year at FURIA Academy. He naturally has a VAC ban history, but we can ignore that, right? He is very valuable to the team as he is very young and really skilled. He has a great team of players to support him when he needs that. drop might be the first step of a plan that would take FURIA to the next level.

FURIA Esports’ achievements in the past

Today, FURIA Esports is at the #11th place of HLTV’s ranking, but it wasn’t easy to get a team to that level. In 2018, FURIA started to take its first steps regionally. Winning qualifiers after qualifiers without getting bored of it, they made a name in Brazil. When it was time to make their name heard internationally, they would need to wait for 2019.

Finishing the Americas Minor Championship 2019 second after NRG, eliminating Team Envy on the way, FURIA won a spot at IEM Katowice. Their first IEM Katowice journey wasn’t very good, but it was a start. From that point on, FURIA became a regular name: 3rd-4th place at DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019, second place at Esports Championship Series Season 7 and finally, winning ESEA Season 31: Global Challenge, a great achievement for their team.

They kept on participating and having great results at events like ESL Pro League, StarSeries & iLeague and ESL One. Their success stayed inside North American borders during the pandemic, but they did win DreamHack Open Summer, ESL Pro League Season 12 and IEM XV New York Online, all held in North America.

Position of FURIA as of today

As we transitioned to LAN tournaments slowly, FURIA went through an adaptation phase. ESL Pro League Season 13, cs_summit 8 and Spring Sweet Spring went really great for them, and they managed to win Elisa Invitational Summer 2021. However, their first offline challenge at IEM Cologne ended prematurely.

After staying on top of North America at IEM Fall, they took the 5th-8th place at PGL Major Stockholm 2021. CS:GO esports has been shaking in 2021, players finding a new career in VALORANT, the online to offline change affecting teams and world economies getting affected by the pandemic. However, I’m expecting and hoping for a much more stabilized 2022, and FURIA definitely has a place there. Can they be the best team in the world? Hard, but not impossible. They will surely be one of the best in North America, though.

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