FURIA competes in ESL Pro League with no roster change

In ESL Pro League Season 16, Group D is just around the corner to kick off. Currently, the last matches of Group C are being played. In our opinion, Group D's favourite is Team Liquid, but today our focus is on FURIA Esports.

The Brazilian representative will compete in ESL Pro League Season 16 without any changes in the roster. Will they be able to succeed?

Recent performance of FURIA Esports

The last player to join FURIA Esports' roster was saffee and he joined in January 2022. Let's see what FURIA Esports has done since January 2022. Together with saffee, they first participated in the Pinnacle Winter Series #1 and were unexpectedly eliminated in the quarterfinals by Wisła Kraków.

They then finished second in ESL Challenger #48. They could not show the desired performance in IEM Katowice 2022. They reached the semifinals of ESL Pro League Season 15, which was one of the most successful results the team has achieved together with saffee. Another successful result for them was the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 quarterfinals.

They reached the semifinals at IEM Dallas 2022 and finished 7th-8th in ESL Challenger at DreamHack Valencia 2022 and IEM Cologne 2022.

In short, FURIA Esports is perhaps one of the most stable performing teams in CS:GO right now. They play neither too badly nor too well, but they certainly have a roster quality that can make their mark in the top level competition.

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Credit: PGL

FURIA Esports needs to perform well to advance to the playoffs

Honestly, having a look at Group D, it seems quite possible that Team Liquid will be the winner. In my opinion, the second team will be Movistar Riders, who have been performing really well lately.

The last team to qualify for the playoffs will be the third team. My prediction for the third place is Cloud9, but if FURIA Esports performs a little above expectation, they can get ahead of Cloud9 and continue to the playoffs. In short, I expect a competition between Cloud9 and FURIA Esports for the third place and I think Cloud9 will be the winner of this competition. If FURIA Esports can make it to the playoffs, I think they can reach the quarterfinals at most.

I can say that Evil Geniuses and Eternal Fire do not have a roster that can surpass FURIA Esports. However, if they get a win against FURIA Esports, they could spoil all the plans of the Brazilian representative.

It is certain that we will watch a great competition in Group D. You don't want to miss this challenge. Stay on Luckbox, enjoy the challenge.