Funspark ULTI 2021 ends with Gambit Esports securing the championship

Funspark ULTI 2021, which started on January 18, has come to an end. With the finals played on January 24, Gambit Esports became the champion.

Gambit Esports won the championship without much difficulty and won the grand prize of $150,000.

Gambit Esports did better as the tournament progressed

Gambit Esports first encountered Complexity. As a result of the relatively competitive matches, they moved up to the upper bracket semifinals with a score of 2-1. They won against Entropiq in the semifinals with a very comfortable 16-5 on the Dust II. Even though Entropiq won 14-16 on Mirage, Gambit took a 16-6 victory on Overpass and advanced to the upper bracket final. In the upper bracket final, they defeated the defending champions BIG 2-0.

Entropiq reaching grand final with “big” comeback

After beating ECSTATIC 2-0 in the second map, Entropiq found themselves in the lower bracket round 2, losing against Gambit Esports in the upper bracket semifinals. Entropiq, who fell back against Astralis, was about to be eliminated from the tournament. They eliminated Astralis by winning two maps in a row on Nuke and Overpass.

They faced ECSTATIC again in lower bracket round 3. After winning 2-1 in this Bo3 series, they advanced to the lower bracket final. The most entertaining Bo3 series of the tournament was in the lower bracket final. In Dust II, BIG prevailed 13-16. On Mirage, Entropiq was the winner with a score of 16-13. On the last map, Nuke, Entropiq won 16-14 and advanced to the final with a magnificent comeback.

Grand final was not too challenging for Gambit Esports

On January 24, Gambit Esports and Entropiq played the final match of Funspark ULTI 2021. Gambit Esports did not have much difficulty in the grand final as well. They became champions by beating Entropiq 16-7 on Mirage and 16-12 on Dust II.

Prize pool

Place USD Team Seed
1st $150,000 Gambit Esports Funspark ULTI 2022
2nd $50,000 Entropiq Funspark ULTI 2022
3rd $15,000 BIG -
4th $15,000 ECSTATIC -
5th-6th $5,000 K23 -
Astralis -
7th-8th $5,000 Complexity -
Fnatic -


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