FunPlus Phoenix wins VALORANT Masters Copenhagen

VALORANT’s first LAN event with fans present is over, and FunPlus Phoenix is our new champion. Coming from the lower bracket, FPX’s opponent was Paper Rex in the grand final. After an incredible five-game-long series, FunPlus Phoenix secured the victory against Paper Rex.

It’s an especially important victory for FPX, as they couldn’t attend Masters Reykjavík when they won EMEA Challengers in Stage 1 due to visa issues. They are finally in the spot which they deserved. Their rival Paper Rex also had an inspiring story in Masters Copenhagen which only amplifies the meaning of this win for FPX. Check out the tribute video we prepared for their success below:

FPX’s journey to Masters Copenhagen

The majority of the story of FunPlus Phoenix’s roster started in 2020. ANGE1, Shao and Zyppan have played for the team since August 2020, being one of the first teams to enter VALORANT. FPX quickly became one of the strongest teams in Europe and EMEA, finishing top four in First Strike Europe.

In 2021, FPX got another top four finish in Stage 1 Masters but couldn’t make it further than EMEA Challengers. They just couldn’t make the leap everyone expected of them. At the end of 2021, their IGL ANGE1 turned 32. They only added SUYGETSU and ardiis in their roster before the start of 2022. FPX continued to trust their team.

FunPlus Phoenix dominated the CIS scene before entering VCT 2022 EMEA Stage 1 Challengers. They followed it with a dominating performance in EMEA too, winning the event and securing a Masters Reykjavík ticket. However, because of the conflicts in Ukraine, they couldn’t attend the tournament.

While we wondered if that would kill their tempo and stop their stunning performance, FPX performed incredibly in EMEA Stage 2 Challengers again and finished second. The next stop was Copenhagen and they could finally attend an international tournament.

Surviving the group stage

FPX had a single problem before Masters Copenhagen: SUYGETSU couldn’t join the team before the group stage due to his visa issues. They had to survive as long as possible and wait for their superstar to attend the tournament in Copenhagen.

FPX’s rivals were DRX, Northeption and XERXIA in Group B. Their Masters Copenhagen journey started with the game against XERXIA. Taking down the APAC representatives 2-1, FPX moved on to the winners’ match of the group. Even though FPX started with a 13-8 win on Haven, DRX won two confident maps and secured the 2-1 victory.

Playing the decider match, FPX trounced Japan’s Northeption and moved on to the playoffs. Their rival would be Fnatic, who defeated them in the EMEA Challengers Final. Fnatic once again outpowered FPX, winning Icebox 13-10 and Haven 13-4. Note that SUYGETSU still couldn’t join the team before this match. Now, he really had to be a hero to save his team from the lower bracket.

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After SUYGETSU joined the team, FPX’s performance skyrocketed. First, they took down Guild Esports in the lower bracket. Guild finished their group first before getting defeated by Paper Rex, but that didn’t mean anything for FPX. Aside from a map they want to forget (13-3 Breeze), they outclassed Guild and moved on to the next round.

FPX’s next opponent was Korea champion DRX. While this match should’ve been a close one, FPX crushed DRX, defying all expectations. FunPlus Phoenix started with a 13-9 win on Ascent and followed up on Fracture with a 13-5 victory. However, their next challenge was Fnatic.

FNC defeated FPX in the EMEA Challengers grand final and upper quarter-finals of Masters Copenhagen. This was the time for FPX to get their revenge. Fnatic started with an overtime victory on Split, taking down FPX 15-13. FPX then took the lead in the series, winning Bind 13-7 and 13-5 and moving on to the lower bracket finals by defeating EMEA champions.

The remaining teams were APAC champion Paper Rex, NA #2 and Masters Reykjavík champion OpTic Gaming and EMEA #2 FPX. Thanks to SUYGETSU’s incredible performance, FPX were confident looking at the two best-of-fives to come.

The first stop was OpTic Gaming in the lower bracket final. FPX started with two fast victories, winning Split 13-6 and Icebox 13-8. While we wondered if this series would end quicker than we thought, OpTic showed they were alive by taking down FPX on Bind 13-6. However, another confident win on Fracture handed FPX the series and they moved on to face Paper Rex in VCT 2022 Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen Grand Final.

Grand final against Paper Rex

PRX and FPX shared a similar journey. Paper Rex virtually had no changes for two years in their roster, trusting their players and improving them. We have finally seen an APAC champion achieve something as spectacular as making it to the grand finals. After seeing Japan, APAC and South Korea in 2022, we will undoubtedly see more regions racing for the trophy in Champions Istanbul.

Paper Rex banned Split and Ascent and picked Bind, FPX picked Icebox, PRX picked Fracture, FPX picked Haven and Breeze remained as the decider for Masters Copenhagen Grand Final.

FunPlus Phoenix started with a great performance on Bind. While PRX Jinggg tried to keep his team in the game, FPX started with an 11-win streak in the first half thanks to ANGE1 and Shao playing incredibly and closed the map 13-3. However, PRX didn’t hesitate to give an answer on Icebox, following up with a 13-7 to tie the series 1-1. Jinggg was once again leading his team to victory.

It was time for PRX’s pick Fracture. With Jinggg on the lead for PRX, they couldn’t stop FPX even after a 6-6 first half. FPX secured the 13-7 victory with a 7-1 second half and a 22-12 Viper performance from SUYGETSU. The fate of the series remained the same, Paper Rex levelling the series on Haven after yet another 13-7 win with Jinggg’s 343 average combat score and 25-17 Raze.

The decider, Breeze, would decide the fate of Masters Copenhagen. ardiis was on stage with his 270 ACS Jett while Jinggg led his team for the fifth time this series with a 275 ACS Neon performance. FPX started with three rounds, PRX answered by winning five in a row and FPX closed the first half with 7-5. The second half started with a PRX domination but FPX stopped their streak to win 6 rounds and take the victory.

After this 13-9 Breeze, the series was 3-2 in favour of FunPlus Phoenix and the Chinese organisation won their first international tournament in VALORANT as a CIS and EMEA representative. SUYGETSU took the MVP award while his team celebrated this lower bracket story.

Image via Riot Games

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