From past to present: The International

The International is one of the most prestigious and award-winning tournament series of Dota 2 and the entire esports world. It was first held in 2011 and managed to gather all Dota 2 fans on the screen every year except 2020.

Today we'll take a look at which teams have won The Internationals since 2011 and whether players with championship experience will take part in The International 2022.

The International 2011: Natus Vincere

On 17 August 2011, the first The International started. The champion of the first The International was NAVI (then called Na`Vi). NAVI, who started the grand final with a 1-0 lead because of coming from the upper bracket, managed to beat EHOME 3-1 and won the prize of $ 1,000,000.

NAVI competed in the Last Chance Qualifier for The International 2022, but was unsuccessful and was eliminated. From NAVI's then-roster, Puppey continues to play for Team Secret now. If Team Secret can do well on the Last Chance Qualifier, we'll be seeing Puppey once again at The International.

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Credit: Valve

The International 2012: Invictus Gaming

The second The International started on August 26, 2012. Invictus Gaming and NAVI were the two teams that advanced to the grand final. NAVI failed to win The International twice in a row. With a 3-1 win, Invictus Gaming became the champion. With this win, they had earned $1,000,000.

Invictus Gaming is one of the teams that we will not see at The International 2022 this year. We will not be able to see any player of the then champion Invictus Gaming at The International 2022 as well.

Credit: Valve

The International 2013: Alliance

At The International 2013, which started on August 2, 2013, Alliance and NAVI faced each other in the grand final. NAVI, which advanced to the grand final for the third time in a row, was not successful once again. Despite losing 1-2, Alliance, which won 2 games in a row, became The International 2013 champion with a score of 3-2. Alliance had won 50% of the prize pool, $1,437,190.

Right now, Alliance is in a much worse situation. This season, although they started the DPC in Division I, they were relegated to Division II. They have once again been promoted to Division I but placed eighth and will continue in Division II next season. We will not see any 2013 champion players at The International 2022.

Credit: Valve

The International 2014: Newbee

The International 2014 started on July 8, 2014. For the first time in the grand final there was no NAVI. Vici Gaming faced Newbee. Vici Gaming had a lead in the grand final, but Newbee won three games in a row to become the champions of The International 2014. Thus, they won a huge prize of $5,025,029.

On January 1, 2021, Newbee and all its current players were banned from all Valve events indefinitely for match-fixing. Naturally, they are absent in The International 2022. From their The International 2014 roster, we will see xiao8 as the coach of PSG.LGD at The International 2022.

Credit: Valve

The International 2015: Evil Geniuses

The International 2015 started on July 27, 2015. Evil Geniuses and CDEC advanced to the grand final. Evil Geniuses was the winner in the grand final with a score of 3-1. With this performance, they got the $6,634,661 prize.

We will watch Evil Geniuses, who finished 11th in the DPC, at The International 2022. Aui_2000, one of their rosters at the time, is currently the coach of Tundra Esports and will appear at The International 2022. BuLba also continues his career as a coach at Evil Geniuses.

Credit: opterown

The International 2016: Wings Gaming

The start date of The International 2016 was August 2. Both teams that took part in the grand final of The International 2016 were disbanded. Wings Gaming and Chaos Esports Club, then known as Digital Chaos, were the two teams that advanced to the grand final. Digital Chaos started the grand final with a 0-1 lead. Winning three games in a row, Wings Gaming finished the series with a 3-1 victory. Thus, Wings Gaming won the huge prize of $9,139,002.

Faith_bian and y` from the roster, who was champion of The International in 2016, are currently on PSG.LGD's main roster. PSG.LGD is seen as one of the strongest teams in recent years, but they still did not win The International. Let's see if they can win in 2022.

Credit: Valve

The International 2017: Team Liquid

In 2017, The International started on August 2. At The International 2017, Team Liquid and Newbee faced off in the grand final. Team Liquid defeated Newbee 3-0. After a comfortable grand final, Team Liquid won $10,862,683.

MATUMBAMAN was featured on the roster of champion Team Liquid. He still plays for Team Liquid and is scrambling to qualify for The International 2022 at LCQ. Heen is the coach of Team Secret, which is fighting in LCQ. Other members of the team continue their way in Nigma Galaxy, which we will not be able to see at The International this year.

Credit: Valve

The International 2018 & 2019: OG

OG became the first and only team to win two consecutive The Internationals. In 2018, they faced PSG.LGD in the grand final. Even though they were down 1-2, they won two games in a row and beat PSG.LGD 3-2 with a score of $11,234,158. At The International 2019, their rivals were Team Liquid. They fell behind again, but this time they won three games in a row. A 3-1 win earned OG $15,620,181.

JerAx, who has been on OG's champion rosters, is currently the coach of Team Liquid. OG's roster has completely changed and they will be chasing the championship at The International 2022.

Credit: Valve

The International 2021: Team Spirit

The International 2021 started on October 7, 2021. Most Dota 2 fans were almost certain that PSG.LGD would win. PSG.LGD's biggest rival was seen as OG, but Team Spirit, who was seen as an underdog, won the tournament. If you haven't seen their joy, you should. Team Spirit earned $18,208,300 with a comeback against their strong opponents.

They are currently on their way with the same roster. Let's see if they can be successful in The International 2022.

Credit: Team Spirit

Do you think PSG.LGD, which is seen as the strongest, will be able to reach Aegis this time? Don't forget to follow The International 2022 on Luckbox and be informed about the latest updates.