Four teams are left in the LPL 2022 Spring Playoffs

After the end of two King of the Hill brackets, LPL 2022 Spring Playoffs are headed to the second phase, the double-elimination bracket where the champion will be crowned. Victory Five, Royal Never Give Up, Top Esports and JD Gaming are the last four teams to fight for the honours of being the champion in China, and representing their region at MSI 2022.

Throughout the playoffs, last year’s champion EDward Gaming, Clid’s FPX, TheShy’s Weibo Gaming, Rare Atom, Doggo’s Bilibili Gaming and Doinb’s LNG Esports have been eliminated, with only TES and JDG proceeding to the final stage. Two of the four teams will make it to the grand final, and the result may shed some light on what might happen next season as well.

LPL 2022 Spring Playoffs recap

In our last article, we covered the first three games in the playoffs, BLG vs RA, EDG vs FPX and TES vs BLG. You can check out that article below.

Three additional games have been played since then. First, Weibo Gaming took on EDward Gaming with their champion roster. TheShy had a great series, a series where Scout’s incredible performance wasn’t enough to stop Weibo Gaming from advancing. After the first two games where EDG tried to show some good League of Legends but failed to make the move that would end the game, WBG was ahead 2-0.

On the third one, Scout took the matter in his own hands and brought a concrete win for his team this time. His 10-2-3 Azir performance got EDG back in the series, but it wasn’t enough after all. The third game where SofM played Zed in the jungle against Jiejie’s 10-1-6 Hecarim went in favor of WBG, and the series was over 3-1.

Top Esports' next opponent in their journey towards the grand final was LNG Esports. TES was able to take down LNG Esports in the first game, even though it wasn’t a perfect one. Following that, using the morale boost from the first game, TES dismantled LNG this time, with a 21-2 score in 26 minutes. JackeyLove and knight were unstoppable on Ahri and Aphelios.

Top Esports' carries found them another easy victory in the third game in 36 minutes, where knight played another Ahri with 9-0-11 and JL played Aphelios 9-3-10. TES looked immensely strong this series.

The next and the last match before the double-elimination bracket was JD Gaming vs Weibo Gaming. With their improving performance over the regular season, JDG was the favourite. The first game went in favor of JDG, they deserved a win after Yagao’s confident Veigar performance. However, WBG wasn’t late to find an answer, winning the next game with Angel on Veigar.

JDG and WBG series was extremely close, but 369 made Weibo feel his presence in the third game. His 10-1-5 top Lucian performance was the deciding factor, and once again, Veigar’s side on Veigar vs Ahri won. The next game, both mid laners were changed after WBG banned Ahri and JDG banned Veigar. Angel’s 10-0-8 Orianna performance led his team to a 25-6 victory in 31 minutes, with four of those deaths on TheShy.

After two 1-7-3 and 3-4-9 Kennen performances, TheShy’s poor performance continued in the fifth and the deciding game. He was 0-6-1 on Aatrox while Yagao’s Ahri finally defeated Angel’s Veigar. The closest series so far in LPL 2022 Spring Playoffs went in favor of JDG, but no one would be surprised if Weibo could manage to steal it after all.

LPL 2022 Spring Playoffs schedule

Check out the current LPL 2022 Spring Playoffs schedule below:

Round 4
Friday, April 8
Victory Five (1.72) vs Top Esports (2.00) - 11:00 CET
Saturday, April 9
Royal Never Give Up (1.72) vs JD Gaming (1.98) - 11:00 CET

Monday, April 11
TBD vs TBD - 11:00 CET

Tuesday, April 12 - 11:00 CET
Thursday, April 14 - 11:00 CET

Grand Final
Sunday, April 17 - 11:00 CET

After a wonderful regular season, Victory Five is having their first BO5 challenge against Top Esports this week. Rookie obtained the MVP award for his LPL 2022 Spring performance, and his team will definitely be the favourite. However, TES has shown great improvement over the course of the season, and they will definitely be a headache for the V5 side. Although V5 are the favourites, it doesn’t mean they are going to have a free win.

Royal Never Give Up finished the regular season in second place, bypassing the King of the Hill phase. They will have their first challenge here too, just like V5, and they have strong opposition in JD Gaming. Just like TES, JDG weren’t one of the favourites to show their faces around here, but they definitely deserved it. Although RNG looked much smoother, JDG’s best of five experiences might affect their luck, and they might even make RNG go through the lower bracket with a not-so-surprising victory against them.

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