Four rising players from Worlds 2022 group stage

Worlds 2022 group stage is over, and some players impressed us more than others, as per usual. We picked four of our favourites, although there have been many impressive performances in Worlds 2022 so far. This Worlds is one of the most incredible ones, with many great players and teams participating.

We also expect these four players to affect the outcome of the quarter-finals series that they will participate. Let’s see who we picked, what they have done in the group stage and how they may affect the quarter-finals.


Image via Riot Games

While Gumayusi is widely considered the weak link of T1, he proved otherwise at Worlds 2022. We expected T1 to play around their top side because of Gumayusi’s weak form, but together with Keria, he managed to turn it around and became a strong weapon for T1’s late game.

Especially reintroducing Sivir - Yuumi with Keria, Gumayusi showed that he is still a great player with incredible mechanics. Together with Zeus’ unbelievable form in the top lane and Oner’s rising form, T1 is much closer to a championship here thanks to Gumayusi’s come back. They definitely needed the spring season Gumayusi.


Image via Riot Games

While he was criticized for being a one-sided player since he joined the LEC, Malrang managed to create the synergy he needed with his team and he is now one of the most appreciated players at Worlds. The Korean didn’t hesitate to play Jarvan IV as he did in the LEC, carrying Rogue’s own style to Worlds 2022.

Many players like Closer believed this was key to Rogue’s success. Instead of trying to play a Korean or Chinese game, Rogue plays their own game, and Malrang is their leader with his engage picks and tireless ganking style. If Rogue advances to the semi-finals against their incredibly strong opponent JD Gaming, Malrang will definitely affect the outcome of that series.

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Peanut’s performance definitely improved in summer season, considering how far behind of Oner he was in spring season, but Worlds 2022 Peanut is something different. Using his experience of more than six years, the 24-year-old Korean jungler has become a different kind of monster at Worlds 2022.

Coming to Worlds as the LCK champions, Gen.G fans were disappointed when they lost the first game against RNG. However, with the second-best KDA at Worlds so far, Peanut led his team to victory, while also being the brain behind the operation. His form will affect Gen.G’s chances in playoffs dearly.


Image via Riot Games

Finally, with the fifth-best KDA at Worlds, ShowMaker makes our list. He was probably the best thing in DWG KIA this summer season and his form was what kept DK just behind T1 and Gen.G through the year. ShowMaker will try to take his team to the finals, and his current form suggest he is capable of just that.

While DK lost the tie-breaker and got stuck behind JD Gaming, they impressed me a lot and I can easily say that they are showing one of the best performances in Worlds 2022 so far. As long as ShowMaker is taking this team forward, I doubt DWG KIA would have many problems, even if their opponent is the best team in Korea, Gen.G.