Fortnite World Cup Duos Final

Epic’s Fortnite World Cup event proper kicks off this weekend with what we consider the real competitive disciplines: Duos tonight and Solos tomorrow on Sunday. Each category boasts an eye-watering $3,000,000 first place prize and it’s claimed that 40 million players have taken part in the Solo event alone, justifying Epic’s title of The Greatest Tournament of All Time.

If you’d like to tune in to the World Cup Duo finals, the show kicks off at 18:30 CEST.

Old vs New: Our Favourites

It would be hard to call any player old in the nascent esports that is Fortnite, but we’re tagging our favourites, NRG Zayt and Ghost Saf as the old guard here. Already this year they have won the prestigious ESL Katowice Royale and proven both individual and in duos that they have the talent to beat the best. Katowice won them a paltry $80,000 in comparison to the $3,000,000 on offer for first place here, so they’ll have to hold their nerve.

Of the new players on the block we’ve picked out Dubs and Megga, recently acquired by FaZe. Unencumbered by their past, we often notice that younger players can sometimes entirely ignore the pressure of the big event and simply play to their strengths - speed, accuracy and a technical mastery of the game - talents that makes all the difference when closing in on a multi-million dollar prize amount.

Pro-Am competition

The charity Pro-Am event was held on Friday amid a slew of technical problems that severely hurt the viewing figures. This was a major disappointment as there was a huge amount of star-power on display, with the biggest Fortnite content creators taking part.

First place was taken by Airwaks and RL Grime - a repeat of their winning performance last Summer in Los Angeles. The prize pool of $3,000,000 was split amongst charities nominated by players.