Former Manchester United star Chicharito signs with Complexity

Javier "Chicharito" Hernández, the Mexican striker, announced his new venture on 20 April by signing with Complexity in the Stars Division.

Complexity Stars is a dedicated division within the esports organisation that focuses on partnerships with professional athletes and celebrities. They have already signed players from some of the major North American sports leagues, including Leonard Fournette from the NFL and Edwin Rios from MLB.

The biggest player to join Complexity Stars is undoubtedly Chicharito Hernández, the Mexican football icon.

With a huge social media reach and the ability to tap into two huge markets such as English and Spanish-speaking audiences, Chicharito will elevate the Complexity Stars brand tenfold.

"Gaming has always been a passion of mine, and by signing with Complexity Stars I will be able to create content and host events to better reach my fans off the field," Chicharito said in his official introduction as a member of Complexity via YouTube video.

According to Complexity, more than 30% of the total fan base is Spanish-speaking, making Hernández a key signing in their quest for growth outside of English-speaking markets.

Chicharito is far from the only football star to dabble in streaming and Esports. The most successful case is the flourishing Twitch career of Sergio "Kun" Agueero.

The now-retired striker has almost 4 million Twitch followers and is CEO of KRUe, a large Esports organisation based in South America known for its Valorant team, which reached the semi-finals of Valorant Champions last year.

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