LEC 2022 Spring Week 2 schedule, standings and betting odds

LEC 2022’s Spring Season has just started with its first super week, and the pot is already stirred. While favourites like Fnatic had a great week with 3-0, LEC’s brand new super team Team Vitality were off to a bad start and found themselves at the bottom of the table, losing all three of their games.

Importance of the first week was to see how the teams handle the changes they went through the offseason, and Fnatic’s decisions proved to be solid as even Wunder looked so much better as compared to last year. There are still seven more weeks left before the playoffs so it's a long run, but I can safely say that Fnatic fans are going to have a lovely year.

Important games of the 1st week from LEC 2022 Spring

It was a super week at LEC 2022 Spring, so naturally many important matchups happened. On the first day, the league’s new super team, Team Vitality, played against MAD Lions, but MAD’s fresh transfers from ERL (European Regional Leagues) put on a solid performance, defeating VIT without any struggle.

G2 Esports defeated Excel the same day, and the interesting thing about the series was BrokenBlade’s Corki. He played Corki against Finn’s Gangplank, and despite some struggles in the early game, the teamfights were near flawless, getting a win on the first day with the new roster.

At the last game of the day, Team BDS came close to defeating Fnatic, but Adam wasn’t able to take his revenge when Fnatic pulled the plug with one amazing teamfight. Fnatic plays like they’ve been playing together for years, and winning a game with one teamfight definitely shows that.

On the second day, SK Gaming upset MAD Lions by taking advantage of their somewhat vulnerable draft choices, although MAD was able to come close to taking the game home.

Fnatic vs Team Vitality, the match of the week, didn’t feel like the match of the week at all as Fnatic stomped Vitality without any struggle. The first game might have been a fluke, but this one definitely proved something was wrong with Vitality, and they have to fix that before this affects their morale and motivation.

After those amazing games, the third day saw one great game, MAD Lions vs G2 Esports. Armut’s Ornn was able to neutralize BrokenBlade’s great Akshan we saw from his streams, while Reeker definitely outperformed Caps’ Kassadin with his Corki. The rest was up to Jinx getting one reset and one reset only, MAD Lions secured the game around the 23rd minute, and ended it at 27.

LEC 2022 Spring Week 2 schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule and betting odds for the second week below:

Friday, 21 January

Misfits Gaming (1.55) vs Excel Esports (2.35) - 18.00
Fnatic (1.15) vs Astralis (4.80) - 19.00
SK Gaming (2.40) vs G2 Esports (1.50) - 20.00
Team Vitality (1.35) vs Team BDS (3.00) - 21.00
Rogue (1.85) vs MAD Lions (1.85) - 22.00

Saturday, 22 January

SK Gaming (1.85) vs Excel Esports (1.85) - 17.00
MAD Lions (1.20) vs Astralis (4.00) - 18.00
Team BDS (3.00) vs Rogue (1.35) - 19.00
Misfits Gaming (3.20) vs Fnatic (1.30) - 20.00
Team Vitality (1.55) vs G2 Esports (2.25) - 21.00

On Friday, SK Gaming vs G2 Esports looks really interesting. Although SK’s score is 1-2, they showed that they could punish their opponents by making use of their mistakes, and G2 Esports has proven that they will make many mistakes this year. Thus, this game is open for an upset by SK, although G2 looks like the favourites.

Team Vitality vs Team BDS is important as both teams had a disappointing week one, and they would like to take off with a win. As Vitality is the “super team”, BDS would want to win to boost their morale, while Vitality would be expecting the same.

While being underrated by many, Rogue quietly took the first place alongside Fnatic with a 3-0 in the first week. Thus, this game against MAD means so much to them to prove their claim at the LEC throne. Rogue vs MAD Lions is a must-watch for week two.

On Saturday, Team Vitality vs G2 Esports looks great. Although both teams have unlimited potential, they make countless mistakes as of now. The results they get on Friday may decide the winner here, as most of the times when skill and work ethic of two teams is similar, motivation decides the outcome of a match.

LEC 2022 Spring Week 2 standings

Check out the current standings after week one of LEC 2022 Spring:

Placement Team Score
1 Fnatic 3-0
1 Rogue 3-0
3 MAD Lions 2-1
4 G2 Esports 2-1
4 Misfits Gaming 2-1
6 Team BDS 1-2
7 Excel Esports 1-2
7 SK Gaming 1-2
9 Astralis 0-3
9 Team Vitality 0-3


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