Fnatic rebuilds their League of Legends team around Upset

Season 1 Worlds champions, the most decorated European League of Legends team and probably the team with the biggest fan base in Europe, Fnatic went through a rebuilding phase for 2022, and they are looking good. Putting Upset and Hylissang together with three new great players, Fnatic is ready for the championship race of LEC.

Last year, Fnatic disappointed their fans until they defeated G2 in the playoffs and secured a Worlds ticket. This time, in 2022, they don’t want that to happen to their loyal fans. They changed their top laner Adam whom they bought for almost a quarter of a million from Karmine Corp. They also brought in new faces for the jungler and mid laner departments.

Let’s meet the new Fnatic.

Fnatic holds on to their bot lane in 2022

All Fnatic fans would agree with me if I said Fnatic’s strength lied on their bottom lane in 2021. Although many appreciate Nisqy’s great performance, Upset and Hylissang were the main force of Fnatic and they did contribute greatly to the team. Missing Upset meant their chances at Worlds dropping greatly, but still, Fnatic’s management trusts the duo and will keep them for another year.

Both Upset and Hylissang have been playing on the top level in LEC/EU LCS for a long time now. They have the experience, but they are not “washed up”. With their skill and knowledge, Fnatic has the potential to make use of their new transfers better and create a championship contender out of these five players. Naturally, the coaching staff, led by YamatoCannon has a big responsibility here.

Fnatic’s new transfers

Image via Riot Games

Fnatic bought Adam from Karmine Corp at the start of 2021 Summer, but after only one split, the team’s decision was to take another route, getting the out of favour top laner Wunder from G2 Esports. Once dubbed as the best Western top laner, Wunder has been out of form for the last two years. If he could get Fnatic another championship after three years of misery, this could be his resurrection story too.

Although we heard about him wanting to leave Fnatic after the 2021 Spring, it was still a weird feeling to see Bwipo leave the team. After spending his last split on the team as a jungler, Bwipo moved on and went to North America to play as a top laner for Team Liquid. Fnatic will put Spanish talent Razork from Misfits in his place. Razork has a long contract that is ending in 2024, which shows Fnatic’s trust in him.

Nisqy’s good performance in 2021 wasn’t enough for him to keep his place in the team, as Fnatic decided to bring MAD Lions’ Czech prodigy Humanoid, one of the rare players who could challenge caPs. Humanoid will be the other carry potential of Fnatic for 2022, creating a great balance inside the team.

Famous YamatoCannon and his staff stays for 2022. Yamato was the first Western coach to work in LCK, and he is well-regarded amongst esports players. You can’t be sure about the transfers until you see them play on the stage, but keeping Yamato was a great decision, I can say.

Fnatic 2022 League of Legends roster and coaching staff

After these transfers, Fnatic’s LEC roster for 2022 was completed as below:

Nickname Role
Wunder Top Laner
Razork Jungler
Humanoid Mid Laner
Upset Bot Laner
Hylissang Support
YamatoCannon Head Coach
Shaves Coach


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