Fnatic is coming to Superdome after a great year

One of the biggest esports organizations in the world, Fnatic is in Egypt with their VALORANT roster to compete in Superdome. After a significantly successful year for the team, they won’t waste the offseason and participate in tournaments like Superdome to stay in shape for the even bigger 2023 coming up.

Fnatic is entering the stage in Egypt tonight and competes against the best in MENA and Acend, who didn’t have quite the best year after winning Champions 2021. Fnatic is also the only team that will have a partnership slot at EMEA next year that will participate in Superdome. Let’s take a look at them.

Fnatic’s history in VALORANT

After years of success in many games, Fnatic decided to enter VALORANT too, acquiring another roster at the start of 2021. With Boaster, Doma, Mistic, Moe40, tsack and mini as their head coach, Fnatic was a strong, intimidating European team. In their second season, Fnatic actually managed to reach the Masters Reykjavík finals, only to be defeated by Sentinels.

It wasn’t a letdown, as Sentinels were the best team in the world around that time. However, the real disappointment was how they changed their roster but it wasn’t enough to take Fnatic to the second Masters of the year. Fnatic still managed to get to Champions 2021 though with their overall success in 2021.

Champions 2021 started great for the team, strengthened with Derke and Magnum. They topped their group over Vision Strikers and Cloud9, but a 1-2 loss against KRÜ Esports ended their journey early in the quarter-finals. KRÜ was the biggest surprise of the year, and Fnatic, unfortunately, faced them earlier than they would’ve liked.

2022 was amazing for FNC

After an acceptable 2021, Fnatic signed BraveAF for the next year, replacing Doma. However, following his somewhat unacceptable remarks about the war in Ukraine, BraveAF was benched, and two loanees joined Fnatic, resulting in a very quick exit from Masters Reykjavík. Things had to change.

Fnatic found two great replacements: they permanently transferred Fearoth, or Enzo with his new nickname, and Alfajer from Surreal Esports who dominated the Turkish scene as a very young player. With these two new changes, Fnatic looked even more intimidating, as Alfajer and Derke duo should have brought immense firepower. That’s what happened.

Fnatic managed to destroy the EMEA that season, winning the EMEA Challengers and showing how good of a decision it was to bring these new players. In Masters Copenhagen, Fnatic came close to last year’s success by finishing fourth; although they were eliminated by the eventual champions FPX, it was enough for this new roster.

Fnatic also suffered from the inexperience of players like Alfajer in Champions 2022, not being able to advance in the lower bracket, finishing 5th-6th. However, the potential they showed is unlimited. With some additions, Fnatic should easily aim for the top of EMEA in 2023. Their current roster consists of Boaster, Derke and Alfajer. Two signings might get them the international trophy.

Fnatic’s Superdome journey starts

Fnatic’s coach mini will have to step in, as Enzo and Mistic already announced their departure. Mystic will play in Egypt, but Enzo will not. The team’s Superdome journey will start tonight, and according to the format, they will have to face every single team in the tournament in the group stage.

Together with Acend, Fnatic is the favourite at Superdome, and a stand-in shouldn’t affect their chances a lot. Check out their matches in Superdome here. You can find the latest news from the best tournaments in esports and live streams for the games on Luckbox. Sign up now to claim your 100% bonus before placing your bets.