Five new Steam games you probably missed - April week 2, 2022

We all need a break from competitive multiplayer games now and then, sit back and enjoy something different and despite the popularity of competitive games, single-player games will always be at the core of video gaming culture. Here’s a fresh list of recently dropped games that you can buy on Steam, picked among various genres.

The Planet Crafter,

A survival open world terraforming crafting game in space. Transform a hostile planet's environment to make it habitable for mankind. Survive, acquire, and construct your base before generating oxygen, heat, and pressure to create a whole new ecosystem.

I’ve yet to understand how these games become so popular, but it has overwhelmingly good reviews and is well received by critics overall. Looks like a bit of No Man’s Sky and Paradox’s Surviving Mars.

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Release:‌ 24 Mar, 2022

Developer:‌ Miju Games

Launch price:‌ $19.99

Chinatown Detective Agency

In 2037, the country has gone through the inconceivable process of deregulation, there's anti-government graffiti on the train, drones and droids are commonplace, and the country has just one human librarian remaining. You take on the role of Amira Darma, an ex-cop working as a private investigator in a run-down Chinatown shophouse. Amira gets to travel the world while working on cases and meeting clients, all while unravelling the threads of a far greater, more hazardous mystery.

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Release:‌ 7 Apr, 2022

Developer:‌ General Interactive Co.

Launch price:‌ $24.99


Classic Sokoban of 1982 reimagined with an Ancient Greece theme.You swore allegiance to the Greek gods. You've been endowed with superhuman strength and charged with constructing a temple for Zeus entirely on your own. When you finish this assignment, your town will prosper and exceed even Athens. However, because this is a Greek tragedy, not everything goes as planned. Well hear me out,  It is definitely not a Greek tragedy. It is a minimalistic & challenging puzzle game that expands on the classic block-pushing formula.

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Release:‌ 1 Apr, 2022

Developer:‌ Daisy Games

Launch price:‌ $4.24

Forgive Me Father

Lovecraftian, check. Retro, check. Incredibly disturbing yet beautiful comic-book graphics, check.

Forgive Me Father is a dark vintage horror FPS set in a comic book setting inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's works. As the only person left with all of your senses, you go on a quest in search of answers and relief. It has madness mechanics like Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth , but with a twist of boosting you instead of crippling you this time.

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Release:‌ 7 Apr, 2022


Byte Barrel

Launch price:‌$16.99

The one who pulls out the sword will be crowned king

This one is a bit of a meme game. Well not a bit actually it is a meme game, and yes some of you might remember the title from a very interesting screenshot of a comment on Facebook from a few years back, which I will not share because of work safety reasons but you can google the title and add meme to the end and laugh it yourself.

You pull the sword to prove that you are not a filthy peasant, and each time you succeed it gets heavier. If you win you manage to marry your love and get carried by the crowds as the new rightful king to the kingdom. If you are into wrist strengthening or just want to get carpal tunnel syndrome on the side try this one out. It’s the carpal tunnel syndrome simulator of the year.

Steam‌ ‌page‌

Release:‌ 28 Mar, 2022

Developer:‌ Majorariatto

Launch price:‌ Free to play! (You can’t bill your carpal tunnel syndrome surgery to the developer though.)