Five new Steam games you probably missed - April week 1, 2022

We all need a break from competitive multiplayer games now and then, sit back and enjoy something different and despite the popularity of competitive games, single-player games will always be at the core of video gaming culture. Here’s a fresh list of recently dropped games that you can buy on Steam, picked among various genres.

Weird West

A Dark Fantasy vision of the Wild West in which lawmen and gunslingers coexist with supernatural creatures, each with their own set of rules and unusual motivations. Game begins with a somewhat cliche setting: with a bounty hunter returning from retirement to find her abducted spouse. Then it turns into something really weird involving numerous pigman and Wild West folklore.

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Release:‌ 31 Mar, 2022
Developer:‌ WolfEye Studios
Launch price:‌ $39.99

Death Stranding Director’s Cut

Death Stranding: Director's Cut is now available on PC, offering an improved version of the first—and presently only—game in the "strand genre" developed by prominent game creator and real life weird guy Hideo Kojima.

On PC, you can anticipate the same graphical upgrades as in the normal version, as well as extra material and expanded gameplay elements to contribute to the story of protagonist Sam Porter Bridges. Expect more weapons, equipment, vehicles, modes, and objectives, as well as new regions to explore, extended stories, and UI improvements.

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Release:‌ 30 Mar, 2022
Launch price:‌ $59.99/9.99 to upgrade from the standard version

A Memoir Blue

An “interactive poem” from the makers of Outer Wilds, Journey, What Remains of Edith Finch. If one thing Annapurna Interactive excels at it is storytelling. It tells the story of a renowned swimmer reflecting on her tumultuous background. As Miriam delves into her recollections it starts to resemble a branching poem with a very unique art style that combines hand drawn imagery and 3D.

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Release:‌ March 25
Developer:‌ Cloisters Interactive
Launch price:‌ ‌$7.19

Animal Shelter

In Animal Shelter, your main target is to make your four-legged friends happy. Pet them, hand out treats, play with toys. Caress and fetch balls with them when they get stressed, or dress them up and take photographs for your virtual social media. I know it cannot get better than that. We are biologically programmed to do this for goodness’ sake. Just go out and help our four legged friends.

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Release:‌ 23 Mar, 2022
Developer:‌ Games Incubator
Launch price:‌ ‌$17.99

Dungeons & Dragons: Krynn Series

Well you can consider this game missed if you weren’t around in 1990, at the height of Amiga and Commodore. SSI's award-winning Dragonlance fantasy role-playing epic, remastered for modern PC’s awaits you to come back and defeat the evil once more. If you are still mesmerised by the unique sounds and graphics of the era as I am, definitely go give it a try.

Playing these early games is a very different experience from what we have today and it’s a pilgrimage of sorts for any hardcore gamer and truthfully, D&D style RPGs are becoming a thing of the past so it might be your chance to re-experience them before they are considered ancient Jedi relics.

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Release:‌ 29 Mar, 2022
Developer:‌ Strategic Simulations, MicroMagic
Launch price:‌ ‌$8.49