First two days of ESL Pro League Season 16's Group D ended

As many of you know, only Group D remains before the playoffs in ESL Pro League Season 16. Group D's first two days are also over and three days left.

Today we will take a look at what happened in the first two days and the matches that will be played in the last three days.

Movistar Riders started badly

September 21

  • Cloud9 2 - 0 Evil Geniuses
  • Eternal Fire 1 - 2 FURIA Esports
  • Team Liquid 2 - 1 Movistar Riders

September 22

  • Cloud9 2 - 0 Eternal Fire
  • Movistar Riders 0 - 2 FURIA Esports
  • Team Liquid 2 - 0 Evil Geniuses

All matches played on the first day of Group D generally went as I expected, but the second day was quite interesting. One of them happened in the encounter between Cloud9 and Eternal Fire. Cloud9 won the first map of the Bo3 series. The second map was Overpass. Eternal Fire was leading the match 11-2 while on the CT side. Cloud9, on the other hand, recovered from such a score with a magnificent comeback. They won the match unbelievably with a score of 11-16. XANTARES was one of the best performing players of the match, but his team was not victorious.

Movistar Riders, on the other hand, lost 0-2 to FURIA Esports, which was a crucial defeat for them. I predicted that they would finish in second place but this situation seems quite difficult for them at the moment.

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Credit: ESL

ESL Pro League Season 16 Group D remaining matches

September 23

Frankly, after seeing the performance of Movistar Riders, especially their performance on Ancient against FURIA Esports, my opinion has changed. I think Movistar Riders will lose against Cloud9 as well. Eternal Fire and Team Liquid are the other favourites of the day.

September 24

A win for Movistar Riders and Team Liquid on day four looks quite likely. The encounter between FURIA Esports and Cloud9 is very important for both teams. I think Cloud9 will be the winner.

September 25

The most exciting match of the last day will be between Cloud9 and Team Liquid. Presumably, the leader of the group will be determined with this match. Both teams are pretty close to each other. Before the tournament started, I would say Team Liquid, but Cloud9 is my favourite, as they progress quite comfortably so far.

The competition in Group D is progressing magnificently before the playoff stage. If you're wondering what's to come in ESL Pro League Season 16, stay tuned to Luckbox.