Final weekend at LCS 2022 Spring Playoffs

Two shocking results last week determined the three remaining teams for the LCS 2022 Spring trophy; Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid and 100 Thieves. Building so much hype around their new roster with a top two finish, Cloud9 failed to win a single game against Evil Geniuses in the lower bracket, putting an end to their season early.

The other series saw Team Liquid get a 2-0 advantage over 100 Thieves, however, the champions got their heads straight and managed the reverse sweep to move on to the finals. They will now await the winner between TL and EG this Saturday. Let’s have a look at the last week’s games together, before the big finals weekend.

100 Thieves vs Team Liquid

On the higher bracket, 100 Thieves faced Team Liquid. After winning LCS last year, fans were expecting a lot from 100 as they didn’t change their roster. Their poor start in the regular season disappointed many, but 100 got better every week and “the playoffs buff” helped them get here. With Bjergsen, TL was one of the teams that could stop them, thus the expectations were mixed.

Team Liquid definitely outclassed 100 Thieves in every way in the first game. Abbedagge was 0-5-1 with huhi 0-5-0, they failed to have an impact and enemy bot lane, Hans sama and CoreJJ, easily brought the victory to their team’s side in 23 minutes. The second game saw a similar “bot lane diff”, although Ssumday improved his team’s chances with a great Tryndamere show but it wasn’t enough to stop TL.

The 100 Thieves we know and love, came back the following game. FBI and huhi went for Lucian - Nami, and Abbedagge played a 6-1-10 Orianna. CoreJJ’s Soraka and Bwipo’s Graves backfired, TL failed to show anything and lost it. The fourth game of the series was an incredibly close one, but 100 Thieves were the ones to slowly win the game by securing objectives and playing it as a whole.

Bwipo went for Shen for the fifth and most imporant game of the series, while Abbedagge played his first TF this series, and the second TF after the first game. FBI was back, Ssumday kept his perfect form that he showed throughout five games, and although the score was close (12-9), 100 were the ones playing as a team, securing objectives once again, and winning the team fights together.

Defeating TL, 100 Thieves became the first finalists and dodged playing an extra game one day before the LCS finals.

Evil Geniuses vs Cloud9

We were expecting a close fight from 100 vs TL, but we weren’t expecting that from Evil Geniuses vs Cloud9. Although Cloud9 was a bit behind the Thieves and Liquid, they were still considered better than the rest of the league. EG was here to change that.

Danny and Vulcan got their hands on Zeri - Yuumi duo in the first game, but they weren’t the game changers. C9’s reliable top laner Summit played a 1-8-3 Jayce and Fudge was 1-5-2 on Akali, hence it was an easy win for EG. Following that, EG went even further on locking Cloud9 down. jojopyun kept impressing everyone and his peak was 11-1-5 Viktor.

After getting a pentakill during the second game (thanks to Fudge’s donation), Danny got Zeri a third time this series, and he marked the end of it. 13-4-10, he and Impact killed C9’s hopes of making MSI during their first season with a new roster, as G2 did. With this victory, EG booked their place against Team Liquid on Saturday.

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