Final week at DPC NA Tour 2: Schedule and betting odds

Five weeks in DPC NA are over. With the sixth week, the passengers to the Stockholm Major, those who remain in Division I and those who fall into Division II will be announced. Currently, TSM is in the leading position.

Let's look at what happened in the fifth week, and also the schedule, predictions and betting odds of the sixth week.

DPC North America Tour 2 Division I Week 5 results

  • Team DogChamp 0 - 2 4 Zoomers
  • The Cut 0 - 2 Wildcard Gaming
  • Quincy Crew 2 - 0 simply TOOBASED
  • TSM 2 -1  Evil Geniuses
  • 4 Zoomers 2 - 0 The Cut

The most important match of the fifth week was between TSM and Evil Geniuses. TSM continued their undefeated streak between the two undefeated teams. With this win, they are now in the leading position.

DPC North America Tour 2 Division I Week 6 matches

Wildcard Gaming's fourth place finish in DPC NA is now certain. Simply TOOBASED finished last and will go to Division II. It is expected that Wildcard Gaming will win the prestige match without difficulty.

This is a very important match for the top three places. Both teams will do their best for both the Stockholm Major and the first place. TSM is expected to win.

Evil Geniuses are considered certain to win this match. If Quincy Crew wins along with Evil Geniuses, the winner of the DPC NA will be Evil Geniuses.

The final week of the Dota Pro Circuit North America kicks off with a great blast. Although TSM is expected to be the first, nothing is clear yet. Do not forget to follow this excitement on Luckbox.

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