Rainbow Six Siege Final straight for European League 2021

The final of the European League 2021, the four-team Rainbow Six Siege tournament with a prize pool of €100,000, is on December 19.

In the tournament where the leading teams of Europe took part, BDS Esport and Team Empire made it to the finals. G2 Esports and NAVI will play the third place match.

What happened in the European League 2021 semifinals?

BDS Esports matched with G2 Esports in the semifinals, and started the Bo3 behind 0-1. They won the stunning match on the Bank map 8-7 and advanced to the final with a 7-2 win at Clubhouse.

The other finalist Team Empire's opponent in the semifinals was Natus Vincere. Defeating their opponent with comfortable scores in both matches, Team Empire thus advanced to the final.

European League 2021 final and third place match

BDS Esports and Team Empire will square off on December 19 at 16:00 CET. Looking at the recent successes of both teams, it's sure to be a great match, but BDS Esport seems to be one step ahead.

Before this massive final game, G2 Esports and NAVI will play a third place match. The time of this match is 13:00 CET. Although G2 Esports won the European League last year, NAVI has been performing better lately. G2 Esports won't give up easily in a match where NAVI is the favourite side.

The European League 2021 finals, where the winning team will win the grand prize of €50,000, are definitely worth watching. You can watch European League 2021 matches via Luckbox and place bets on your favorite teams.