FaZe is the winner: ESL Pro League Season 15 playoffs review

The excitement of ESL Pro League Season 15 ended on April 10 with the Grand Final between FaZe Clan and ENCE. American organisation FaZe Clan added another success to their team history. This win brought $190,000 from the prize pool to the team.

Now, they also have a chance to play in the BLAST World Final 2022. The tournament will start on December 12 with the participation of 8 teams in total.

Round of 12

Scores seemed something like this in the Round of 12:

Round of 12
Heroic 0-2 Team Liquid
Fnatic 0-2 ENCE
Entropiq 1-2 Astralis
FaZe Clan 2-1 Players


Team Liquid completed Group C on the third stage while Heroic was the second team in Group D. With 4 wins and 1 loss, Heroic performed well in the group stage. On the other hand, Team Liquid won 3 and lost 2.

We all know how Team Liquid is experienced in global tournaments. They may seem like they did not put lots of effort in the group stage but Round of 12 was perfect for them. Beating Heroic 2-0, they matched with NiP in the Quarterfinals.

Credit: HLTV

In ESL Pro League Season 15, ENCE reminded once again why they are to be taken seriously with their incredible performance. Firstly, it started with a 4-1 score in the group stage. After that, they matched with Fnatic, the third team of Group A standing. Beating with a big score difference, ENCE won the first round 16-5. Then, the second round also went to ENCE and they beat Fnatic 2-0.

A fallen idol Astralis attended the Playoffs by completing in Group D as the third team. Their rival was another well-performing team of Group A, Entropiq. They were the winners of 4 matches in their group stage.

Credit: HLTV

The match on April 6 was really competitive. First round winner was Astralis by 16-14. But the second round went to overtime and Entropiq got the round by winning their 19th round. Same score as in the first round, Astralis won the third match and went to the Quarterfinals.

FaZe completed Group B by finishing third. Their rival in Round of 12 was Players. 12 points in total, Players were the second team of Group C with 4 wins. FaZe Clan found the win with a 2-1 score. Robin “ropz” Kool became the highest rated player of the game.


Second step of Playoffs were resulted like this:

Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-1 Team Liquid
Movistar Riders 1-2 ENCE
FURIA Esports 2-1 Astralis
Natus Vincere 0-2 FaZe Clan


Completing Group A on top, NiP directly joined the Quarterfinals. Their group stage performance was 4 wins and one loss. Thanks to in-game scores, they got first place and passed Entropiq. Another very challenging match was between Team Liquid and NiP. In the end of three close rounds, NiP put its name to the Semifinals.

Being one of the two teams around group leaders, Movistar Riders made five out of five. That incredible performance gave them a ticket to move directly to the Quarterfinals. But ENCE was ready to end their hopes. While Riders was the winner of the first round, ENCE got the other two rounds with a big score difference, 16-2 and 16-5.

Credit: HLTV

Group B leader was FURIA Esports. They were on a very close score with ENCE but +37 average made them move into the Quarterfinals. Beating Astralis with a 2-1 score, they became one of the four teams in the Semifinals.

Another unbeaten leader of Natus Vincere’s rival was FaZe Clan. Without any doubt, a win from Navi was expected from all fans. But FaZe Clan proved all of them wrong and did not even let them win a single round. FaZe should say thanks to Helvijs “broky” Saukants for his performance.


Here are the scores that will decide about the Grand Finalists:

Ninjas in Pyjamas 0-2 ENCE
FURIA Esports 0-2 FaZe Clan


ENCE surprisingly eliminated the unbeaten Movistar Riders in the Quarterfinals. Their Quarterfinals performance was saying lots of things when we checked the score table and rating of the players. Therefore, they were about to do mere in the Semifinals against NiP, which was the favourite.

With the participation of Polish player Paweł “dycha” Dycha, the first round winner was ENCE. In the second, with 25/20/8 KDA, Lotan "Spinx" Giladi was on the scene. ENCE became the first team to qualify to the Grand Finals.

Credit: HLTV

FaZe Clan was against FURIA in the Semifinals. It is right to say that FaZe was the favourite of the match and the score proved it correct. Beating FURIA 2-0, they put their name into the Grand Final to play against ENCE.

Grand Final

Maybe different names were expected to see in the Grand Final of ESL Pro League Season 15 but FaZe and ENCE made it to the last stage. In this exciting match, the first round winner was FaZe with 16-11.

Credit: HLTV

Håvard “rain” Nygaard had the highest rating on FaZe. ENCE secured a draw in the second round and got some hope but FaZe won the last two rounds and became the champion.

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