ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals: FaZe Clan vs MIBR

As FaZe and MIBR square off at the ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals in Odense, here's what you need to know, including start time, live stream information, stats, latest betting odds and predictions

FaZe Clan vs MIBR is due to start at 11am GMT / 12pm CET / 6am ET / 3am PT on Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019. The FaZe vs MIBR live stream, stats and betting odds is available via the Luckbox match page and you can check the full ESL Pro League Odense schedule.


Form Entering Odense

FaZe enter this event ranked sixth in the world, MIBR are ranked 12th. The two teams vary greatly with regard to their recent play, both in proximity and results.

MIBR arrive at Odense fresh off of a ECS Season 8 Finals campaign that only saw them beat Sharks Esports. Prior to that they bowed out of the CS:GO Asia Championships to an inconsistent ENCE.

They've been playing or traveling nonstop for the better part of two weeks now, so you have to wonder how fatigued they are.

FaZe on the other hand have traveled significantly less, their last events being their ESL Pro League Europe matches (where they went 3-0 in BO3s), IEM Beijing where they placed 3rd/4th after losing to Astralis in the semi finals, and their win at BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen. They're riding a wave of good form into Odense.

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Who to watch

My key player for FaZe is Nikola "NiKo" Kovač (surprise surprise). He has been white hot for FaZe in the past three events mentioned above and has played a crucial role in that success.

His lowest HLTV 2.0 rating in those events has been 1.15 and he is +110 over 31 maps. If he holds this form, FaZe should be looking past MIBR and thinking about challenging for a title here in Denmark.

Having Marcelo "coldzera" David's experience playing most of his career with most of the MIBR core will undoubtedly give them unique tactical insights as well.

Picture: Copyright ESL/ Bart Oerbekke

If MIBR want to win then they need to get a map where Vito "kNgV-" Giuseppe can be impactful. Train comes to mind, but I don't think that FaZe will let a map that lends itself to the double AWP setup through. With that being said, look to Fernando "fer" Alvarenga to be the key for MiBR. His ability to disrupt carefully planned rounds with W mashing aggression and lurking in the shadows will be crucial on any map, particularly anything that isn't Train.

FaZe vs MIBR predictions

MiBR are still likely feeling the effects of jetlag after flying straight to Europe from ECS in Texas, something that plays no small factor in a game requiring reaction times in just a few hundreths of a second. FaZe Clan were not in attendance in Texas, so they are much more acclimated and adjusted to EU time right now.

Best of 1's are volatile and anything can happen, but I expect a much improved FaZe to easily handle a fluctuating MiBR that may not be in peak mental condition given their packed tournament schedule. I like FaZe in this matchup, but check out the map picks below for where I think MiBR can steal away an upset.

Nuke: MiBR Permaban
Dust II: 16-11 FaZe Clan
Inferno: 16-7 FaZe Clan
Vertigo: FaZe Clan Permaban
Mirage: 16-10 FaZe Clan
Train: 16-13 MiBR
Overpass: 16-9 FaZe Clan