Fans aren't happy with the Paris Major trophy

BLAST has unveiled the trophy design for the upcoming Paris Major and is asking fans to pick a colour scheme for it. The problem is, however, that fans are asking them to go back to the drawing board entirely.

BLAST reveals Paris Major trophy design

BLAST revealed the Paris Major trophy via an announcement shared on Twitter, in which it asked fans to vote on the colour scheme, with a choice of either yellow or purple.

The poll is available via the BLAST website, where fans are treated with the opportunity to have their say on the trophy design for the last-ever CS:GO tournament before the launch of Counter-Strike 2.

BLAST explained that they wanted a unique trophy design, with BLAST's Head of Creative Solutions Faye Marlborough stating that they "wanted to create a trophy design that is close to the BLAST brand but stood out from the crowd,"

And stand out it certainly does, with the traditional BLAST style seemingly being covered in some sort of goo, with the trophy looking significantly more colourful than BLAST fans are perhaps used to.

The unusual design seems to be reflecting the new direction in which BLAST are taking the Paris Major, with them looking to "redefine what a Major could look like" by "introducing bots and blobs into the visual identity and even the trophy."

"If Majors of the past have gone right, we want to go left," said Marlborough. "We are pivoting away from the hard lines and angles the audience traditionally sees at Majors and moving toward softer lines, curved edges, and playful imagery. It's going to be really fun.

"We're introducing the BLAST Bots - loveable rogues from the universe that act as narrators and guides through the Major broadcast, making the whole experience a more positive playful space."

Unfortunately,I've however, the new direction isn't proving popular with fans on social media.

"With all due respect that designer deserves, this is the worst Major trophy I've ever seen," said one fan on Twitter. "I truly believe that LAST MAJOR of CS:GO should have a EPIC trophy to honor its own history."

The sentiment seems to be pretty widespread, with one fan adding: "This looks like a bootleg NFT of Nickelodeon slime and a Dorito that's broken," while another stated, "Please, anything but this."

Whatever the trophy looks like, the final CS:GO Major is due to take place in the Paris Accor Arena from May 8-21. And if you're not there to see the winning team lift the controversial trophy in person, you'll be able to watch every match right here on Luckbox - just click here to see our upcoming CS:GO match schedule. And to get the most out of your CS:GO betting experience, remember to sign up to claim your free 100% bonus!