FalleN spirits: The MIBR picture that paints a thousand words

When it comes to CSGO insight, you’re going to struggle to beat HLTV, especially for certain aspects of the game. Stats are their strong point, and they also have a wonderful collection of photos from the world of CSGO that can tell stories all on their own. There are also some very talented writers on board, but sometimes an image is so powerful it works as a standalone.


Without knowing anything about CSGO, the picture above would still speak to you of two men in very different places mentally, but if you’ve been following the MIBR story you’re going to see a lot more than just contrast. Possibly the greatest in-game leader CSGO has ever seen looks broken in the image, staring dejectedly at his screen, while the man brought in to provide the energy is doing his best to be as energetic as possible.

Of course, in the context of MIBR’s past 12 months this is almost more scary than you would expect. Sure, Lucas is a new player in this team that the players already know, but remember he was only brought in a few days ago, and the effect he may or may not have had on morale has already worn off, at least judging by the picture in question. It’s like going out with an ex and having the same old argument before you even get to the restaurant.

We aren’t seeking to write MIBR off, as that has probably already been done by a lot of other writers, and isn’t totally unjustified if you are talking about the odds they come back to their old level. What is sad though is the fact that FalleN, perhaps one of the most dedicated and driven men CS has seen, looks broken by the circumstances, and devoid of ideas to reverse the decline. Money, success and time can change people, and what was made in Brazil appears to have broken somewhere around the world, possibly forever.

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Image: HLTV